Erin French Net Worth 2022: Who Is the Man Behind Her Stylish Look? Wiki, Age Family Earnings.

Erin French


Erin French is a chef and the author of many cookbooks on food preparation. She also starred in the television series “The Lost Kitchen.” The short film “Love & Savagery,” which is up for a “DGC Team Award,” also features her.

Does Anyone Know How Old Erin French Is?” Take a look at the Wiki and the Family

In Maine, where he grew up, it was in 1981 when the Chef was born into our world. Because of this, we don’t know precisely when and how long this happened. In the year 2022, she will be 41 years old. She comes from a wealthy background. Father David Jeffery Richardson and mother Deanna Richardson are her parents (mother). Her parents were married on August 18, 1979, and divorced in early 2019; her parents were not a married couple.

Additionally, she has a sibling, sales representative, and nutritionist Alicia Richardson, with her parents. She is an American citizen by birth. In terms of height, she stands at around 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.72 m). However, there is no mention of the person’s weight.

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According to Mashed, her mother or grandmother taught her all she knows about cooking, who says the Chef never went to culinary school. She had initially planned to pursue a medical degree at Northeastern University in Boston, but she was forced to withdraw due to various circumstances.

Todd French, a Belfast boat builder, was the Chef’s high school sweetheart when she became pregnant at 21. As a result of being pregnant while in college, she had to drop out of her medical degree program. In 2006, they got married. Jim is their son’s name (In French Jaime, meaning “I Love”). Their marriage ended in 2013 after seven years of togetherness.

The Lost Kitchen: Cheif’s Story

Erin French and her family opened a restaurant in Freedom, Maine, in 2014. She is the owner and head chef. Time Magazine ranked “The Lost Kitchen” as one of the world’s finest destinations, while Bloomberg named it one of the 12 restaurants to experience.

Erin French

In 2021, she starred in a Discovery + series called “The Lost Kitchen,” based on her restaurant. An award-winning short film she was in also included her.

In addition to cooking, she is the author of several well-known cookbooks in the United States, including “The Lost Kitchen Recipes,” “Good Life Found in Freedom,” and “The Good Life,” among others.

Net Worth

Cookbooks, television shows, short films, and a restaurant are among the Chef’s sources of revenue. Erin French has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Forbes.

Is Erin French on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking site?

Erin French has 181K Instagram followers under the pseudonym “the lost kitchen,” which Erin French uses for her social media accounts. She also has more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

Get to know Michael Dutton, the Chef who is married to Michael.

Michael Dutton, the Managing Partner of 6CC Media, is the current spouse of the Chef. The chef ‘community’ includes Michael Dutton, a significant player. They met on the online dating service and were married in 2018 after being engaged. Her husband, he says, is always there for her and never attempts to limit her.

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