Evan Hafer Net Worth 2022: What a Cup Can Tell You About the Popularity of Black Rifle Coffee

Evan Hafer


The Black Rifle Coffee Company creator, Evan Hafer, is a former US infantryman who served in the military. In December of 2014, he and two of his friends established the business, and it has developed tremendously since then. Evan Hafer’s net worth has grown to around $10 million.

An estimated $1.7 billion in market capitalization is attributed to the Black Rifle Coffee Company, distributed to 1700 outlets across the United States. According to Forbes, the firm boasts more than a million pounds of coffee each year and makes more than $30 million each year.

As of now, it’s the largest veteran-owned roastery in the United States, and it’s just going to become more prominent. Black Rifle Coffee’s sales margin has increased by tens of millions of dollars each year under Hafer’s leadership as the company’s serving CEO.

A Quick Bio of Evan Hafer

Originally from Northern Idaho, Evan Hafer now lives in Portland, Oregon. Coffee roasting was a common occurrence in the Hafer household when I was a kid. As a child, he was fascinated by the process of roasting coffee while spending time with his father and grandfather.

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Hafer had aspirations of joining the military and protecting his country from an early age. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the Washington National Guard. Hafer scored the highest marks in Physical Training and marksmanship throughout training. Hafer enrolled in the Special Forces school to become a Green Beret when he finished Basic Training.

He was a Special Forces soldier and an Infantry soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also a Special CIA contractor, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, and a Ranger in the United States Army.

In 2006, he started roasting his coffee beans, which he brought to his overseas mission while he was still in service. He formed the Black Rifle Coffee Company before retiring from the military in 2015.

Accomplishments & Career of Evan Hafer

Before he became a successful entrepreneur, his military career as an infantryman was what he was most proud of. It took him another decade before being hired by the US State Department as a personal protection contractor to join the elite Green Berets.

His coffee roasting talents were honed during this period as he moved between Iraq and Afghanistan. When he started Black Rifle Coffee Company in 2014, it wasn’t a surprise to those who had known him for a long time. Because of its status as a veteran-owned coffee roaster, the business has expanded.

Evan Hafer

While the brand first drew in drinkers from many walks of life, Black Coffee’s popularity grew to the point that it could be considered a traditional coffee brand. The corporation’s great marketing efforts helped boost revenues by two percent last year.

Black Rifle Coffee Company, based in Salt Lake City, vowed to recruit 10,000 American veterans as the company increased in size. Black Rifle Coffee had just 50 employees, but that number has gradually risen since then as the company has grown.

He started off selling “Freedom Roasted” coffee on a friend’s website, but Even Hafer’s little business has grown into a significant player in the coffee industry. More than 100,000 people have signed up for the company’s subscription program.

With revenues of $80 million in 2019, the firm exceeded its $30 million goals for the year by a significant margin. More than 1700 retail locations carry Black Rifle Coffee Company goods.

Final Thoughts on Evan Hafer’s Net Worth

Evan Hafer is well-deserving for his current achievements. He combined his two biggest hobbies, coffee, and devotion to others, into a truly great enterprise.

Because Evan Hafer feels that veterans are underpaid and undervalued, he plans to recruit ten thousand of them. Five hundred fifty former service members currently work at Black Rifle Coffee Company. However, the firm is thriving because of the support of the military community and social media.

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