Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets ( Release Date, Trailer, Cast Members)

Fantastic Beasts Cast

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, the third film in the Fantastic Beasts series, brings us back to the wizarding world after more than three years. We haven’t seen Newt and his pals in a long time, much alone their magical monsters.

Fantastic Beasts

Follows on from Grindledawd’s scary announcement about his “vision of future,” which led to new and unexpected friendships. In the Harry Potter universe, there is a lot of interest in the events that preceded Harry Potter’s narrative.

Date of Publication for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

The Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, according to Hollywood rumours, will premiere on the big screen on April 15, 2022. In contrast, the film will only be accessible in theatres, and not on any of the OTT sites.

Fantastic Beasts was scheduled to be released in theatres in November of 2021. Production was halted because to the unique Coronavirus epidemic and other issues involving the cast members.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Prisoner of Azkaban

Let’s take a look back at the events of the last film, before jumping into the new one. One of the biggest surprises of the finale was the revelation that Credence Barebone is actually Harry Potter’s older brother.

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It is thought that the film, titled Secrets of Dumbledore, would shed light on the many unanswered mysteries surrounding Dumbledore’s murky history. Grindewald’s existence, for example, or Aberforth and Credence’s existence.

The Hogwarts House

It is shown in the trailer that Newt and the group are exploring about Hogwarts Castle’s halls. It brings Harry Potter lovers back to their childhoods.

Moving Grindelwald’s Plans Ahead

We get to watch the world’s best dark magician in the making of Fantastic Beasts. As Grindelwald was seen in the teaser doing, he was also seen erasing memories from the minds of others.

Theseus Scamander will have more screen time.

They finally received some screen time, and it appears like Theseus Scamander is going to be a vital component of the team.

It also appeared that Jacob, Newt’s muggle friend and baker, and Queenie, our favourite, quirky witch, might have a tender moment in the trailer of Fantastic Beasts.

What Are the Chances?

Wizarding World fandom has never been let down by a cosmos as expansive as this one. Fans throughout the world are eagerly awaiting the release of this next chapter in Newt’s exploits.

Expectations based on the Fantastic Beasts’ narrative and Harry Potter’s universe are as follows:

Dumbledore’s Personality: A Closer Look

J.K. Rowling, the creator and author of the Wizarding World, has come under fire for a number of her remarks. After all these years, one of them was finally disclosing Dumbledore’s sexual orientation. Fans are hopeful that Dumbledore’s homosexuality will be brought up at some point in the film.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore’s ironclad promise to never fight one other might be explored further in the film. That epic battle between the greatest wizard and the greatest dark wizard is still on the table thanks to Newt and his pals.

In addition to learning who killed Dumbledore’s sister Ariana, Harry Potter fans are eager to learn more about the mysterious death. Her death was the result of a duel between Aberforth, Albus, and Grindelwald; we have no idea which of their spells was responsible.

Grindelwald Decision to bring Queenie on Board

When Queenie left Jacob to join Grindelwald, it was a stunning moment. Is there any truth to the rumours that she’s trying to provide a better life for Jacob? Fans’ lingering questions may be addressed in the film.

Fight Scenes & Battles of the Century

Dumbledore gathers allies as Grindelwald prepares to unleash his greatest evil. Spectators eagerly anticipate epic combat scenes and the most storied fight in wizarding history owing to the conflict between the Great Wizard War and World War II.

Ilvermorny, As seen from Above

Hogwarts in the United States is called Ilvermony. Dumbledore and Grindelwald have been joined by new figures. Secrets of Dumbledore may eventually lead us to the gates of Ilvermony because some of them are from distinct magical cultures.

Dumbledore and Credence Barebone’s Relationship

Grindelwald wanted to use Credence Barebone as an Obscura against Dumbledore. Although he was murdered by aurors at the end of the first film, he reappeared in the second, and was still alive. A definitive explanation for Credence’s survival is now expected in the upcoming film, and fans can’t wait.

In addition, the film may provide light on the relationship between Credence and Dumbledore, which has hitherto been a mystery. Whether or not GellertGrindelwald is pulling a fast one on Dumbledore is also up for debate among devotees.

Recast and Original Cast

Fantastic Beasts Cast

Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler, MadsMikkelsen, Ezra Miller, and many others are part of the Fantastic Beasts cast.

Numerous alterations and upgrades were made. Take a look at the following items:

Who will make a return?

Recurring members of the main cast include Eddie Redmayne’s Newt Scamander, Jude Law’s Dumbledore, Alison Suddol’s Queenie, Katherine Waterston’s Tina, Dan Fogler’s Jacob, and Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebones.

Who’s new?

Fans are eager to learn more about the new characters. Yusuf Kama is played by William Nadylam; Vinda Rosier is played by Poppy Corby Tuech; Eulalie Hicks is played by Jessica Williams; and Aberforth Dumbledore by Richard Coyle.

With the addition of Victoria Yeates, AleksandrKuznetsov, Emilia Karlsson, and Maria Fernanda Candido, the Wizarding World franchise now boasts an impressive roster of actors.

Who is the new person?

GellertGrindelwald, the main antagonist, was recast, and the cast underwent a major overhaul. First two Fantastic Beasts films featured Johnny Depp as GellertGrindelwald. As a result of internet speculation about him and his wife, the Warner Bros. asked him to step down from his role as the main antagonist.

GellertGrindelwald will be played by Doctor Strange star MadsMikkelsen in The Secrets of Dumbledore. How this casting will unfold in the movie remains a question. However, when you’re a wizard, nothing is impossible with a little magic.

Possibility of More Sequels

Given the fantastic beasts’ storyline, J.K. Rowling said that the Fantastic Beasts series is to cover about 19 years of wizarding history.

Depending upon where this third movie might end, it is likely that there will be two more movies, and these will end with the great battle between GellertGrindelwald and Albus Dumbledore in 1945 (also the year when Tom Riddle graduates Hogwarts) (also the year when Tom Riddle graduates Hogwarts).

This speculation was on the basis of the history we know from Harry Potter. It is likely that other events might occur, like a greater role of Credence, elaborating upon either Dumbledore or Newt’s background, or maybe introducing other important and new characters.

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