Faze Swagg Net Worth : Earnings Per Month, Age, and Other Facts! [2022]

Faze Swagg


Faze Swagg is a YouTuber and a gamer, both. YouTuber Swagg is well-known for his ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ gaming videos. ‘Black OPS 2’ was one of his earliest videos posted on YouTube in 2013. He has 2.47 million subscribers on YouTube as of this writing. Gamma Labs and Kontrol Freek have sponsored him.

The estimated net worth for Faze Swagg in 2022 is around $800,000.


A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Kris Lamberson was welcomed into the world on May 14, 1996. When Lamberson was 15, he began playing basketball with his father. To keep up with his buddies, he was introduced to the video game ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.’

He received a basketball scholarship to college after graduating high school. He was sidelined for the remainder of his basketball career due to an injury. This led him to decide to give YouTube a shot because it appeared entertaining.

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A well-known and well-liked Instagram personality, Faze Swagg is no stranger to fame and fortune. He became a social media sensation by uploading inspiring and motivating images and videos on his Instagram account.

In 2012, he launched his YouTube channel, which has since become a popular source of information. On July 5, 2013, he released his debut video, a huge success.

He’s been uploading gaming videos on YouTube for the past nine years. On YouTube, he now has 2.47 million followers.

Black Ops 4: ‘World Record 129-0 Gameplay in Black Ops 4 – I Died to a Hacker and Witnessed Him in Warzone!’ is one of his most popular YouTube videos. The 5-year-old Warzone Prodigy, and so forth.

The estimated net worth for Faze Swagg in 2022 is around $800,000.

What does Faze Swagg do with the money he makes?

Faze Swagg

Home of Faze Swagg

FaZe Santana, FaZe Booya, and FaZe Jsmooth call the “FaZe” content house in Los Angeles home, and Swagg is no exception.

Faze Swagg’s Automobiles

It was just a matter of time until Swagg got his hands on a Mercedes AMG GTS Brabus 600.

Faze Swagg’s career highlights include the following:

  • This is the best Black Ops 4 gameplay ever! (3.6 million page visits in 2018)
  • 2.47 Million Subscribers on YouTube (December 2021) (December 2021)


As a YouTuber, Faze Swagg also enjoys playing video games. He belongs to the Faze clan. Faze Clan is Swagg’s gaming family. Manchester City FC owns and manages the organization. Jerk and YouTube are where he’s best recognized.

He usually does game recordings in front of a vast audience.

The estimated net worth for Faze Swagg in 2022 is around $800,000.

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