Feel Good Season 3: Netflix Finally Renewed The Series?

Feel Good Season 3


Feel Good Season 3: Netflix has always been there when it comes to romantic and dramas series, the platform has tried their best to produce their shows with the perfection that reaches us with full enthusiasm. Among those, they have a special heart for the LGBTQ+ community and why won’t they? While the whole world discards them when it comes to making shows and only casts straight people as the main lead, feel good is here to make you Feel Good.

Feel Good Season 3: Feel Good follows the storey of Mae and George through a bunch of episodes. The first season was released in 2020 and it instantly got immense success around the world. As the series was introduced, thousands of people watched it, because obviously Netflix. The series follows Netflix’s Original production and because of it, it got an amazing amount of attention from the audience.

When it comes to Netflix, the platform offers some of the legendary shows that would be remembered for ages. In 2020, when the world was in the midst of the pandemic season, Netflix was the only way to escape from reality during that time. After the series aired, it received great appreciation from the audience, especially from the queer community because it truly inspired them and based upon their lives.

Fans have already watched two seasons of this Romantic drama series and now they have questions regarding its future. While the relationship of Mae and George still follows a lot of questions, fans are eager to watch the Feel Good Season 3.

Here, we are going to discuss everything that the series follows. If you are someone who is a big fan of these shows and have already watched two seasons then this article is for you. Continue reading the article till the end to find out everything regarding the series.

Feel Good Season 3

Feel Good Season 3: What is it About?

Feel Good is a British Web series that follows the Romance and drama between two homosexual people. The series follows the Netflix original work and it features their excellence in the production of their own shows.

Feel Good Season 3: Created by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson, the series initially came out in All 4 channels and was later distributed internationally on Netflix. It got huge viewership from the audience and the ratings significantly increased for the show.

First of all, the series follows some of the amazing eye-opening things that a person has to go through. If you are someone who totally a homosexual supporter and always loved such shows then this is your show.

Following the amazing storey of two couples that have their own problems regarding lives and sexuality, we feel that this is something that would reflect the relationship of the queer community. Amazingly built, great acting and enticing storyline of this show will definitely fascinate you.

Feel good follows the life of comedian Mae Martin and his hidden feelings regarding sexuality. It is one of the hidden gems of Netflix that don’t have huge popularity like the other shows but it still has a loyal fanbase that fascinates the thoughts for the Feel Good Season 3.

Feel Good Season 3: Is it Happening?

Feel Good Season 3: 2020 was the year when Feel good was officially aired on Netflix. Came out as amazingly as it produce, the series gains the attention of a lot of people. Following the lives of two couples who are still in a zone of exploring their sexuality with each other. The show offers a lot of things that are needed to be watched by the people in order to understand the psychological and physical needs of the people.

Feel good exploring the sexuality of Mae, who is struggling in her life, and her messed up girlfriend that still needs to figure out her feelings and commitments with her boyfriend. The first season of the romantic drama came out with a lot of excitement and ended with a lot of questions which were further removed after the release of the second season.

Feel Good Season 3: The second season was also based upon the lives of these two people and their relationship with each other. During the end, we got to know about what they truly felt. The storey wrapped up and left nothing to expand. But the audience is still demanding another relationship because of their personal interest in the couple.

The officials have not yet confirmed anything regarding this. The second season released 6 episodes which truly defines the ending of the series. After that, the officials never came out with any confirmation.

The Feel Good Season 3 is yet to be announced but we feel that it is unlikely to happen. The storey met its final ending and wrapped up officially. There is no scope for another season. Fans have to accept the second season as the final season of the series.


Feel Good Season 3: Feel good has everything to become a popular show on Netflix but it still falls under the line and becomes a hidden gem. Through the series discover a lot about the queer community and have everything that would make the show go higher. Following two seasons back to back, the show features around the two couples and their messed up lives who still choose to be with each other.

Finally, the show is not going to expand and the series has already met its final ending. The show holds great feedback from the audience and the ratings are pretty decent with critics praising the show and mainly putting the positive comment. If you are someone who loves this series then you can watch it on Netflix.

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