Feras Antoon Net Worth 2022: Facts About Home, Possessions, Background, Age, and Spouse

Feras Antoon


Founder and CEO of the world’s largest adult video network Mindgeek, Feras Antoon, is born Canadian and an accomplished businessman by trade. Montreal, Canada, is where the corporation is headquartered.

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Who Is Feras Antoon, and What Does He Stand For?

In the adult industry, Feras is best known as the creator of MindGeek, a company that runs some of the most popular websites.

In Syria, Feras Antoon was born. Furthermore, he hails from a Middle Eastern family. He later relocated to Canada, where he currently lives. Feras holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Concordia University in Montreal.

There’s no way to know anything about his biological parents right now. Mark Antoon, the vice president of MindGeek, is his brother.

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Feras was born in Damascus in 1975 and grew up there. Later on, he and his family decided to make the journey to Canada in search of a higher standard of living. Every year, on June 29, he celebrates his birthday. Feras Antoon, on the other hand, is 45 years old.

The zodiac sign of Cancer implies that he is sensitive and influential in the emotional department.

Feras married Nicole Manos, a woman of Greek ancestry, on the recommendation of his girlfriend. According to rumors, the pair met while they were both in college. They have two boys.

Other than that, Nicole Manos’s personal life is unknown to the general public.

Net Worth of Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon has an estimated net worth of $4 million, based on data compiled by people. Criticism has led some to believe that he has a far more significant net worth. His net worth has been steadily rising throughout the years.

The Feras Antoon Assets

Feras Antoon

A net worth of $4 million or more allows Feras to live a high life. For almost $3 million, he has a luxurious property situated right close to the Montreal natural reserve.

According to reports, the couple owns many houses in Quebec city known for their natural beauty. Feras also has a $2 million home, according to Le Journal De Montreal, a local newspaper in Montreal. In addition, he owns at least two condos in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Dependency on Income

Mind Geek is the primary source of his revenue as a businessman. Even though he has not verified it, sources claim he is also active in the Real Estate sector.

Facts You Should Know

  • Feras Antoon has a lot of interesting tidbits to share.
  • Feras Antoon was born in Syria and is of Middle Eastern descent.
  • He and his wife Nicole met in college and have been married for over a decade. They have two boys.
  • His demeanor is lighthearted and interested.
  • Feras is a 90-kilogram lion.

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