Flack Season 1: Interview with Anna Paquin

Flack Season 1


Flack Season 1 Updates: Anna Paquin, who plays Flack, talks about her Amazon Prime Video project, working behind the scenes, and bringing problematic characters to life.

Anna Paquin is a lady in command of everything but herself in Flack. The British import, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video on January 22, had previously shown for two seasons before expanding its distribution beyond the UK.

In the drama, Paquin portrays Robyn, a public relations director (often known as a ‘flack’) who can repair any customer’s ridiculous concerns but fails to address her own.

Paquin, who has been in the profession since she was a child and has acted in cult classics like True Blood and award-winning films like The Irishman, understands how to manage the show both off and onscreen.

As an executive producer for the film, she was involved in every element of it, from casting to location scouting, with showrunner and lead writer Oliver Lansley.

Flack Season 1

Flack Season 1: Anna Paquin Shocked by Real Blood Reboot News

The actress and director recently chatted with Screen Rant, as well as many other media sites, ahead of the public release of the first season, which will be followed by the second soon after.

She revealed a few details about her personal connection with her real-life publicist, provided insight into Robyn’s complex relationships on TV, and detailed her approach when filming a series.

Flack Season 1: What was your interest in doing this series as an actor with a publicist?

Anna Paquin: I mean, Robyn and the types of clients she works with are nothing like my experiences working with advertisers and publicists.

This is a beast I’ve seen and witnessed—I’ve been around it—but it’s not my beast. My publicist doesn’t cater to those kind of clients; it’s not her style. Could you have recommended any of the stories you’ve heard to the author, Oliver Lansley?

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Anna Paquin: He’s a treasure trove of lovely, distorted little gems. He selected a small portion from here and a small portion from there. We don’t need to send them any remarks in this regard.
You have such a diverse range of jobs that don’t fit neatly into any one category.

Flack Season 1: How are you picking your projects?

Anna Paquin: To me, it’s all about the content and quality of the writing, as well as who the brilliant individuals who are working on the projects are. Whether you push them or not, whether they drive you or not, you’re on the same page.

It’s one of those chemical topics that is impossible to govern or regulate completely. If you have it or don’t have it with people, and I’m glad that I’ve been on the stumbling path of a number of incredibly talented, brilliant individuals throughout my career. I had to play with some very amazing people.

We also have the four main PR girls and the many phases of cognitive dissonance they go through in order to accomplish their jobs effectively. Can you talk about how Robyn perceives her role in comparison to Melody, the newcomer?

Paquin, Anna: The company is unusual in that there are so many distinct places on the food chain. She and Eve are currently in a similar stage, but Eve is the first to admit that she got there because her father plays golf with the right people. Robyn is a hustler who has worked her way up the corporate ladder.

She isn’t wealthy, and she isn’t on the verge of losing her job. Because there is no safety net in place, the stakes for her are always extremely high. She aspires to be successful and yearns for it.

Then there’s Melody, who’s vivid, unique, and contemporary all the way down. We feel protective of her, but I believe that with a set of objective eyes, the audience may see our strange reality.

Cuz, with the “WHAT?!!” nature of some she observes, that’s where the people are headed, you know what I mean? It’s a fantastic idea, like a tale framework, doubled by the fact that Rebecca Benson is such an excellent performer.

But it’s simply a very exciting dynamic, like in a shark tank. The winner is the one who will not be devoured alive. They’re on the same team, yet in a way, they’re not. Melody may be protective, but she still gives a lot of rough love. It’s a cutthroat-infested land.

Flack participates in the digital realm, cancelling culture and viral trends. How dangerous is doing anything anonymously on the internet for celebrities, and how powerful is today’s PR in modern society?
Anna Paquin: You are responsible for what you put into the cosmos.

If you mean it, that’s your business, because it’s your true self, and you’re willing to stand by whatever comes with it. It’s all a whirlwind in Cancel society.

We don’t have time to go into the specifics of how and when this happened, but it doesn’t seem all that unlike to bullying in schoolyards. There’s everything that a person does, and so on.

Everyone learns and is embarrassed as a result. We’re all living in the village square at the end of the day; it’s simply gone worldwide. It doesn’t look that as a species, we’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s just becoming faster and more immediate.

But, when I release things into the cosmos, I recognise that some of them will be received in different ways by other people. And I’m making this decision with my eyes open. That is how I spend my life.

What would you talk to us about season 2?

Paquin, Anna: What am I permitted to say to you? We resume up where we left off with Robyn’s vortex of psychological and technological loss and upheaval. If anything, it simply emphasises how far down the Robyn rabbit hole we’ve gone, so she’s in a state of emotional anguish and existential crisis. Will she make it as far as she can?

Who knows, huh? She’s on the verge of self-destruction and death, walking a razor-thin edge. That’s why she’s so successful at what she does: she doesn’t have a strong sense of self-preservation.

So, at the end of the day, when you’ve ran out and blown up your bridges, you’re wondering, “What’s left?”

That’s what we’re getting into in Season 2.

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