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Flower of Evil


Do you want to learn more about the flower of evil? I’m hoping you are, so here’s all you need to know.

About the Flower of Evil

The blossom of evil is something you should all be aware of. It’s a South Korean production. It’s a show on television. It’s both a melodrama and a thriller. The monster union and studio dragon collaborated to make it. Jung hee, it was written by you. It is directed by Kim Choral Kyu and stars Lee Joon gi, Moon Chae won, Jang hee jin, SEO Hyun woo. The series’ composer is Kim Jun Seok, Jung serin, the series’ place of origin is South Korea, and the number of episodes is 16.

The executive producers are Yoo sang won, Jung hae long, jang shin ae, youngjoo kim, the series’ producer is Jung hae long, jang shin ae, the series’ editor is youngjoo kim, the series’ running time is 70 minutes, the production companies are Monster union, studio dragon, and the series’ distributor is tvN.

Story of the Flower of Evil

The storey of the flower of evil has just come out in a research paper that includes the storey of the husband who is a detective and it shows the life of the husband who is interrupted by the models and it is the series of the models and many questions are asked about the identity and the past in the seed.

it is a Korean series that represents the thriller comedy and the romance the real killer was do hae soo they have a great guilt of her brother in the seed it is a Korean series that represents the thriller comedy and the romance.

Flower of Evil

Cast of Flower of Evil

According to the news, the Evil Flower’s cast has been located.

Lee Joon Gi is a South Korean actor. Takes up the role of Baek Park, Hee Sung Hyun Joon is a Korean actor. Plays the Role of Young Hyun Soo

Moon Chae Won Plays the Role of Cha Ji Won

Seo Hyun Woo Plays the Role of Kim Moo Jin \sJung Seo Yeon Plays the Role of Baek Eun Ha

Son Jong Hak Plays the Role of Baek Man Woo

Nam Gi Ae Plays the Role of Gong Mi Ja

Flower of Evil Release Date

The fans are interested to hear about the releasing date. They have been demanding a lot for it and asking a lot of questions about it thus the wait is finally over. The release date of flower of Evil is in the year 2020 on 29 july .

Flower of Evil Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites always provide you through the article so all fans can reach them very easily. It is available on Netflix and it is also streaming online on Hulu and it is also available for premium members on viu.

Flower of Evil Episodes

Flower of Evil was released in the year 2020 and the first episode was released by 29th July in the year 2020 following with the second third and fourth episode which had arrived on 30th July 5th August and 6 August in the year 2020 episode 5 was followed in year 2020 on 12th August episode 6 7 and 8 was arrived on 13th August 19th August and 20th August on 2020 episode 9th was released on 26th August in the year 2020 episode 10th what released by 27th August and episode 11 and 12 was followed with the second September and 9 September in the year 2020.

Episode 13th 14th and 15th was released on 10th September 16 September and 17 September in the year 2020 and this series season 1 was ended with episode 16 on 3rd 23rd September in the year 2020.

Flower of Evil Reviews

Views of the viewers are important part of the article so here are some of them are you curious to know about the 78248 thanks series it is the beautiful piece of work at is the Korean drama and it is the best Korean drama industry Siri it has the best opening scenes which is remembered it is about the drama which is decided image lately and no matter of what the characters were very good it has the best drama it has all the favourite characters and the cast of the best 2020.

It is about the female lead which was really capable enough it was amazing show and it is full of emotions and thriller the chemistry of the couple’s was such an amazing it was the really couples of and heads off to their acting skills it was amazing and the chemistry of them was amazing and their baby was really very cute the girl was also cute.

It was about the good characters was never let them down it was about the emotions which were Ammo and involved in the UK weather it was cried or the laugh part it has many capabilities and it is control it is just wonderful movie and the series which is like by the fans it had got 5 out of 5 stars which are the good stars and it is the best series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Flower of Evil on Crunchyroll ?

Flower of evil is a south korean series , famous streaming sites are always provided to you through the article so it is also available on crunchyroll.

What Country Flower of Evil on Netflix?

It is directed by Kim Cheol kyu. It is a South Korean series that is available on Netflix in South korea.

Is the Flower of Evil on Netflix?

It is confirmed by the makers of Flower of Evil that it is available on Netflix by Sunday 24 January.


The concluding part of the article landed at the article provided you with the information about the flowers of Evil it has also provided you the storey of the flowers of Evil and the release date with the coming season is also available in the article.

For you all fansa famous streaming sites are also mentioned in article so you all friends can reach them very easily and watch your favourite series drama and documentaries the cast with their names is also mentioned in the article and the reviews of the fans are also mentioned so you all can reach with your favourite drama series.

If you want to get more information about the season ahead then stay tuned you will be updated soon if you want to mention any of the reviews regarding the article or the season you can mention.

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