Frankie Muniz Net Worth 2022- How Much Money Does Malcolm in the Middle’s Actor Make?

Frankie Muniz


American actor, musician, writer, producer, and race car driver Frankie Muniz has a net worth of $30 million. Frankie is most known for her role in Malcolm in the Middle, a sitcom that aired for seven seasons from 2000 through 2006.

Infancy and Childhood

On December 5, 1985, in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, Francisco Muiz IV was born. His family relocated to North Carolina when he was four years old. A local performance of A Christmas Carol at the age of 8 led to his being noticed. Frankie’s parents split about this time, so he and his mother relocated to Burbank, California. From the sixth grade on, he was home-schooled so that he could focus on his developing acting career.

Frankie Muniz Age

Frankie Muniz was cast in some tiny roles in films and television series, including a cameo in the 1999 film Lost & Found.


When Frankie Muniz got the job that would make him a household name as Malcolm in the Middle’s star in 2000, it was a dream come true for him. Between 2000 and 2006, Frankie Muniz appeared in 151 episodes of the show, with Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranston. In addition to an Emmy and two Golden Globe nods, Muniz became an instant star as Malcolm.

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As a stand-in for Malcolm, Frankie Muniz appeared in TV and film comedies including Big Fat Liar and Agent Cody Banks (2003, with Hilary Duff). In addition to My Dog Skip (2000), Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004), and Stay Alive (2006).

In addition to acting, Frankie Muniz appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2017 as a professional dancer. In addition, he has appeared in several episodes of the Sharknado television series. In addition to the Kids’ Choice Awards and the Young Artist Awards, he has also been honored with the YoungStar Awards. In 2001 and 2002, Muniz was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in Malcolm in the Middle as best actor in a television series – comedy or musical.

Frankie Muniz Net Worth


Frankie Muniz began competing in professional motor racing as his fame grew. In 2005, he joined Jensen Motorsport as a driver and competed in the Formula BMW USA series (2006) and the Champ Car Atlantic series (2007). (2007). He drove in 32 Atlantic Championship races between 2007 and 2009.

Malcolm in the Middle Salary

Frankie Muniz got a salary of $30,000 each episode during the first several seasons of “Malcolm.” In total, that comes out to $480,000 for the first season, $750,000 for the second, and $660,000 for the third. He reportedly made $75,000 each episode in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. In total, those three seasons cost $4.95 million. Each episode of the last season paid Frankie an average of $150,000. In other words, $3,350,000. The first season of Malcolm in the Middle brought Frankie a total of roughly $10.15 million in base wages. In the show’s first syndicated run, he probably made around 80 percent of that.

Frankie Muniz made a fortune as an actor as well. In particular, he reaped $2 million for Agent Cody Banks and $5 million for Agent Cody Banks 2, respectively.


Frankie Muniz Wife

Frankie purchased his mother a house in Brentwood when he was just starting in the business and had a nice chunk of income. After turning 18, Frankie acquired his first home in Encino, California, where he resided with his parents while still a teen. After that, he purchased a mansion in Hollywood Hills with a 10-car garage in 2004, followed by another Hollywood Hills property in 2005. In 2005, he made a small profit by selling these two properties. Halle Berry bought one from him.

Buying a property in the Hollywood Hills for $3.5 million was Frankie’s big purchase in 2006. A year later, he put the house on the market for $3.875 million. It took him a long time to locate a buyer. For $3.05 million, he sold the property in 2014.

For $2.782 million, Frankie bought a beautiful desert mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2008. He got $2.85 million for it when he sold it in 2014. A new Scottsdale home he purchased for $3.5 million in 2016 cost him $3 million, and he finally took the listing off the market. According to public records, this is his principal house to this day.

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