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Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 “A Light in the Storm.” When a devastating storm leads to an overflow of patients and limited resources, Dr. Sam Griffith and her team are forced to make impossible choices about their patients’ care.

Also, Dr. Rob Griffith connects with a young patient admitted with a rare heart condition. Here’s what you missed!


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Previously on Good Sam Season 1 Episode 8, when Amy Taylor is admitted to the hospital accompanied by her sister, Gretchen, with signs of premature heart disease, Dr. Sam Griffith discovers a deeper medical mystery; Griff anxiously awaits the results of his MRI.

On Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9, Caleb and Sam are getting dressed in the closet together, when he brings up the fact that she hasn’t spoken to her dad about her childhood car accident, where Griff was driving drunk!

He makes her role in Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 to play what she will say to him. Sam lets it slip that her dad was driving drunk in her accident to Lex, who had no idea, because Griff, now quite obviously, isn’t telling her everything.

Kevin Dunn, a child hit by a bus, is brought in. Sam hears that the bus skidded off the road after hitting Kevin before causing a huge pile-up. It’s just beginning to snow heavily, and it’s going to be a big snowstorm.

All Hands On Deck

In Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 Griff wants to help out and feel useful. Half of the staff can’t make it in because the roads are so bad already, and some of the staff already left during shift change, thinking their replacements were there.

Sam won’t clear him with his symptoms. She tells him he can be on supply and nurse duty.

Carla comes in, driven by Tim, and Joey takes her case. She has missed 3 weeks of dialysis to go see her newborn grandson. Carla’s in bad shape. Tim and Joey argue about wedding rings and whether or not, they are a waste of money.

Dorothy, the bus driver, comes in unconscious. Lex notices a broken femur, yet when Sam resets it, Dorothy doesn’t react or wake. Something is majorly wrong! The Governor declares a state of emergency!

Sam announces that the hospital is canceling elective surgeries, staff cannot clock out, and they need blood from the blood bank immediately.

Bridge Collapse

Kevin’s parents can’t make it to the hospital due to the storm and are on the phone with Kevin and Griff. Griff explains that Kevin’s heart is on the wrong side.

The movement of Kevin’s heart has caused damage to his arteries and Kevin might need surgery if the images show massive damage. Griff is still upset he is playing nurse.

Joey explains to Carla that her situation is dire, she is in end-stage kidney failure. Carla sees Lex walking by, and yells out to her that Dorothy was asleep at the wheel, even before the accident.

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 News

In this Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 Malcolm helps out Nurse Donna in the ER while everyone else is in trauma dealing with all the bus crash patients. Lex goes to check on Dorothy and notices an Air Force tattoo. Lex was a medic in the Air Force, and feels an immediate connection.

Sam finds Joey at Nurse Donna’s station trying to get ahold of Tim and his crew. There’s no response from Tim. News breaks that a bridge just collapsed.

It’s in the area where Tim was working. Griff finds Sam and Says Kevin’s images came back and they need to get him into surgery now!

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9: Frozen Pipes, No Power

Dam and Griff argue over doing Kevin’s surgery during a major snowstorm with limited supplies, staff, and blood. Joey tries to start Carla’s dialysis and finds the pipes are frozen and there is no water!

Lex questions Dorothy about the bipolar meds she is taking and explains to Dorothy that she was a medic in the Air Force. Dorothy says they are new meds and starts bleeding profusely from her pelvic area.

Sam has an awkward moment when she finds Malcolm and Caleb working together to get blood drawn from within the hospital to use for patients.

The power goes out in the hospital! The generator kicks on to only part of the hospital. Not to the surgery room Sam and Griff are working in on Kevin. Sam has just started a 6-hour surgery on Kevin!

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Not Enough Blood

Sam and Griff work in the dark. Kevin needs blood now! Joey gets Carla’s dialysis going but she’s waited too long. Carla needs blood in the form of a transfusion now! Dorothy has a cyst and begins hemorrhaging. Dorothy needs blood!

The hospital is down to only enough blood for one patient until the blood Malcolm and Caleb are collecting. She needs 1 more hour. She tells Lex to give Dorothy hormones and see if that helps.

It works, and the hormones buy Dorothy the time Sam needs. Sam tells Joey to give Carla 100% oxygen and see if that saves her. It doesn’t work for Carla and she passes away.

Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9: The Second Wave

Kevin wakes up in a dark hospital. He asks Griff to stay with him to keep him company. The lights come on and Sam finds her dad sleeping in Kevin’s room. She has mixed feelings about seeing him care for a child.

In Good Sam Season 1 Episode 9 drama he explains that Sam always had at least one parent, but Kevin had nobody. Sam should be thankful for her mother always being there, not mad at her for trying to protect her from an awful truth.

Tim comes in and rushes straight into Joey’s arms. Tim’s safe! The wifi and TVs come on all at once. All the phones start beeping with missed alerts, updates, and messages.

Everyone turns to the TV which is broadcasting the bridge collapse, the storm damage, and all the accidents. Sam and the staff recognize that they are about to really be hit by an onslaught of patients.

Sam is stopped in mid-sentence, she sees her mom’s car on TV, upside down and with some major damage. Sam and Griff hear that Cathy and Randy Dunn have been brought in. They are Kevin’s parents!

To Be Continued…

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