Gregory Mecher Net Worth 2022: Jen Psaki’s Husband Biography, Children, and Other Relevant Details.

Gregory Mecher


Since his undergraduate days, Gregory Mecher has been a politician. He is well known as the husband of White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki. When Psaki, Gregory’s better half, filled in as Obama’s correspondences chief, he became well-known. Jennifer Psaki, President Joe Biden’s press secretary, is now in Washington, D.C.


On September 30th, 1976, Gregory Mecher was born. He was born in Ohio, the state where he grew up. He’ll be 46 years old in 2022. Mecher’s parents’ identities have never been made public by him.

Education: Gregory Mecher

As a communications and television production student at Northern Kentucky University, Gregory earned a diploma in 1999.

Measurements of the human body

Gregor Mecher has a decent height and good physical characteristics, and a weight proportional to his height. He has a size of 5’8″ and a weight of 68 kg. His hair is golden, and his eyes are grey.

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As a student representative to the Board of Regents while still in college, Gregory Mecher established an apprenticeship with Kentucky Congressman Ken Lucas. The latter taught him the ropes of the political game. Also, he’s talked about how the training influenced his decision to run for public office and how he hasn’t looked back since. Gregory Mecher has also served as the chief of staff for Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus and Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III in the past.

He has been married to Jen Psaki from the beginning of her political career, and she has worked for the Democratic Party ever since. Since Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack were re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 2001, she has handled their re-appointment campaigns.

Jen Psaki also served as John Kerry’s official delegate press secretary in 2004. In addition, Jen has served as Joseph Crowley’s interchanges chief and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s provincial press secretary. As a side gig, she served as traveling press secretary for U.S. Congressman Barack Obama on his official trip to China in 2008.

Before being promoted to Deputy Communications Director in 2009, Jen Psaki was also regarded as an effective Deputy Press Secretary. Afterward, she resigned from her employment and began working at the New York headquarters of the advertising agency Global Strategy Group 2011, a crucial consulting organization.

Gregory Mecher


In addition, Psaki has returned to her role as press secretary for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Later, Jen became a representative of the United States Department of State. After that, she returned to the White House as the director of interoffice communications, which she kept until the end of Obama’s presidency.

A person’s net wealth

Gregory Mecher is a well-known real estate professional. Mecher is estimated to have a net worth of around $9 million. According to reports, his wife’s net worth is estimated to be about $2 million.


Gregory Mecher has a happy marriage. He and Jen Psaki have been married for a year now. At Woodlawn Farm in Ridge, New Jersey, the couple married in May of that year. The couple welcomed a daughter, Genevieve Mecher, into the world.

The social networking profiles of Gregory Mecher do not appear to be active at this time. Psaki has a Twitter handle and Instagram postings, with roughly 943 thousand followers on Twitter.

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