Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Why Will Meredith End Up With Hayes?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Updates: As the show continues to follow Meredith, the makers of Grey’s Anatomy appear to be presenting Dr. Cormac Hayes as Meredith’s potentially ideal love companion.

As the show continues to follow Meredith’s life and career, the authors of Grey’s Anatomy appear to be presenting Dr. Cormac Hayes as Meredith’s perhaps perfect love partner. After all, the first episode began in the middle of Meredith’s first night with Derek Shepherd, so the hit medical drama has a long history of introducing new beaus for its titular character. Since Derek’s untimely death in season 11, Meredith’s romantic relationships have been few and far between. Is it possible that Dr. Hayes, a.k.a. “McWidow,” will change everything before the series ends?

Given their early meetings, many people would have laughed at such a question. In the aftermath of Alex Karev’s abrupt departure from the show, Hayes, who had previously worked with Cristina Yang in Switzerland, relocated to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s paediatric surgery department, eventually becoming the Head of Pediatric Surgery. The Irish physician battled with Meredith almost immediately, repeatedly criticising her medical decisions and dismissing her prestigious Harper Avery Award win.

Hayes, like so many other Grey’s Anatomy characters before him, was revealed to be more than he appeared. Meredith and the audience eventually learned more about the newcomer’s recent experience, which saw him become a single dad after the tragic death of his wife, Abigail.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Meredith End Up With Hayes

The show’s writers have added flashback scenes to help fill in Hayes’ past, converting the originally icy figure Meredith met into a much more sympathetic and likeable persona. In conclusion, Hayes’ storey matches Meredith’s in terms of persistent perseverance in the face of immense personal sorrow.

The idea of a Meredith-Cormac combination is enticing on a narrative level because of their shared experience and shown resilience. Because the former’s earlier arc focused so heavily on Meredith and Derek (the seasons-long “will-they-won’t-they” drama, their professional competence, and, later, dealing with his death), his spectre still looms large on the show, and a conclusion in which Meredith ends up with someone else may be difficult for some fans to reconcile.

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Hayes, on the other hand, will be the first to admit that he will never be able to totally replace Derek, just as Meredith will never be able to fully replace Abigail, given his firsthand experience with bereavement. Instead, they may be given the freedom to explore new pleasures with each other while remembering the partners who helped shape them, even though they are no longer alive.

All of this isn’t to say that Dr. Meredith Grey needs to find love before the show ends; she’s a brilliant surgeon, a kind person, and the glue that keeps her family and community together. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has, on the other hand, not-so-subtly coupled off numerous of the show’s other prominent characters, maybe in preparation for a series finale. Jackson and his ex-wife, April, moved to Boston. Schmidt and Nico have reunited, as have Catherine and Richard, Teddy and Owen, and Catherine and Richard. Maggie married Winston in a beautiful sun-drenched ceremony. Why shouldn’t Meredith have her happily ever after, too, when so many other characters do?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

It’s easy to forget that much of Grey’s Anatomy’s early narrative was meant to set Meredith against her dying mother now that we’ve seen so many seasons of the programme. Ellis Grey, a talented surgeon, effectively pushed everyone away from her and died alone. It’s no wonder that Meredith was surrounded by a small army of people who had grown to love and respect her after so much of Season 17 was focused on her own life-or-death struggle.

Despite her personal ties, Meredith Grey is an award-winning surgeon and exceptional doctor. Instead, they reinforce it, especially when combined with her zeal and readiness to break the rules to do what’s right. If Meredith’s happy marriage to Hayes finishes the series, it will be unambiguous proof that, unlike her mother, she is capable of having it all. After so many years of work, progress, and sorrow, she has certainly earned it.

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