Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Returning Cast and Release Dates

Grey's Anatomy Season 19


Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: This season of Grey’s Anatomy is going to be a lot more exciting. It’s going to be a lot more memorable now. Several characters, including Megan Hunt and Addison, will return for a second season.

We’re not sure if it’ll say goodbye to us, and we’re not sure what its next move will be, but it appears that it will return for Season 19.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19

Can We Make Sure that Grey’s Anatomy Is Going To Get Back For A Season 19?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 18 premiered on September 30th. There was a press conference in May where the president of ABC stated that whichever new season is released, it may be the final season, and we’re not sure if he was referring to season 18 or season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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Cast Information of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19

Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered on March 27, 2005, as far as we know. It has been renewed for 18 seasons to far, indicating that it has a sizable fan following. It has also gained a lot of admirers’ trust.

Dr. Meredith Grey was played by Ellen Pompeo.
Dr. Miranda Bailey is played by Chandra Wilson.
Dr. Richard Webber was portrayed by James Pickens Jr.
Dr. Owen Hunt was played by Kevin McKidd.
Dr. Amelia Shepherd was played by Caterina Scorsone.
Dr. Jo Wilson was played by Camilla Luddington.
Dr. Maggie Pierce was played by Kelly McCreary.
Dr. Teddy Altman is played by Kim Raver.
Dr. Levi Schmitt was played by Jake Borelli.
Dr. Atticus “Link” was portrayed by Chris Carmack. Lincoln
Dr. Cormac Hayes is played by Richard Flood.
Dr. Winston Ndugu was played by Anthony Hills.
Dr. Nick Marsh is played by Scott Speedman.

Coming Back Cast of Season 18

Dr. Addison Montgomery is played by Kate Wash.
Dr. Nico was played by Alex Landi. Kim
Dr. Taryn Helm was played by Jaicy Elliot.
Dr. David Hamilton was played by Peter Gallagher.
Dr. Zander Perez was played by Zaiver Sinnet.
Dr. Mabel Tseng is played by Sylvia Kwan.
Dr. Megan Hunt is played by Abigail Spencer.
Dr. Michelle Lin was played by Lynn Chen.
Dr. Ellis Grey was played by Kate Burton.
Evelyn Hunt was played by Debra Mooney.

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