Haikyuu!!: 5 Teams That Deserve Their Own Series (and 5 That Don’t)!



Haikyuu Updates: With so many characters to manage in Haikyuu, some of the teams need more screen time, if not enough to justify their own spin-off.

It’s difficult to believe, Haikyuu! It has been a member of the anime community for over a decade. The breakup is always bittersweet, and the tale must finally come to an end. No matter how great the finale is, fans can’t help but wish for more.


It’s tough not to imagine an alternate reality where Karasuno’s lads aren’t the major focus of the programme in a tournament when most of the rival teams are jam-packed with fascinating personalities.

It really makes viewers consider which teams would be well-suited to feature in their own spin-off series, as well as which ones they would want to never see again.

Aoba Johsai is a deserving tenth.

Although Oikawa is a popular favourite in both the show and the real world, his successor might be a double-edged sword. While the show finally shows viewers where individuals like Iwaizumi and the other upper-class characters end up as young adults, the destiny of the high school squad they left behind is more unknown.

The competition between Oikawa and Kageyama dominates most of the storyline of Aoba Johsai, at the expense of the development of the other characters. The underclassmen who are following in Oikawa’s footsteps have a lot to live up to.

In a series about Aoba Johsai after Oikawa, the compelling issue is posed: What happens to a kingdom without a king?

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9.Nekoma is undeserving.

Nekoma is, after all, one of the Haikyuu!! The most well-known teams, featuring characters like Kenma, Kuro, and Lev. Nekoma is attractive, talented, and charismatic.

The historical rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma, however, has guaranteed that their legacies are inextricably linked. As a result, most of Nekoma’s storey had already been revealed, resulting in the long-awaited “battle of the waste dump.” Haikyuu!! Nekoma’s show is identical to Karasuno’s.

8.Deserving: The Karasuno Girls’ Squad

Early Haikyuu feedback!! According to him, the show is lacking in female roles. While this has improved with the addition of Hitoka Yachi and Saeko Tanaka to the cast, it is still a valid critique.

Despite this, fans spend those few moments watching the Karasuno Girls’ Team and its captain, Michimiya, fight to achieve success in their own right, without regard for monetary gain.

Furthermore, it is clear that many fans will embrace a series that focuses only on female teams, as opposed to the fandom’s fascination with gender-swapping the boys’ teams in fan art. Fans still like Karasuno, and it will be exhilarating to see another fearsome gang of crows on the big screen.


7.Wakutani: Unworthy

Wakutani Minami High makes an early appearance in the series. Wakutani, like Karasuno, is located in Miyagi Prefecture, and captain Takeru Nakashima, like Hinata, is inspired by the Little Giant. The squad is sometimes compared to Nekoma High and is famed for its defence.

Although all of these parallels and differences initially create an intriguing tension between Karasuno and Wakutani, animating a series about Wakutani will sound a little like peering in a funhouse mirror. The plot will be obvious in its lack of originality.

6.Ohgiminami: Worthy

Haruichi Furudate, a mangaka, has a knack for creating seductive characters. Despite the common distinctive traits of Furadate’s design, such as pointed ears, feline eyes, and a vast, subtle variety of facial emotions, no two Haikyuu characters appear alike.

The guys of Ohgiminami, on the other hand, appear to have been drawn by a different side. After losing their champion member at graduation, this plain-faced party is introduced as a defeatist group.

Even after losing against Karasuno, the team leader is still sobbing with sadness and vowing to do better next time. In a succession of underdogs, Ohgiminami has the most difficult ascent and the capacity to make the journey worthwhile.

5.Shiratorizawa: Inequitable

Shiratorizawa is one of the most fearsome teams in the series, and the school has a ruthless reputation as a powerhouse. It’s no surprise that the battle between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa is relentless and gripping, given Ushijima’s fearsome strength and Tendou’s cunning.

Despite the fact that Haikyuu has no antagonists!! An opponent like Shiratorizawa is the next best thing. The squad is bloated, snobby, and not made up of underdogs in any way.

This is a bunch of affluent kids who still want to win and usually succeed, but there will be no tension in the manner to make a series about them particularly thrilling to watch.

4.Fukurodani: Worthy

Fukurodani, like Shiratorizawa, has a very skilled ace on his team. Bokuto’s brave beauty, on the other hand, is far from the squad’s lone asset.

A performance cannot be made by a single actor, and Bokuto is a very poor performer. As capable as he is, he is also susceptible to mood swings that might derail his squad.

3.Unworthy: Kakugawa

Unfortunately, some opponents in sports anime are only there to be defeated by the heroes, with no more depth in a “getting better” montage than a quick introduction, as appears to be the case with Kakugawa High.

Despite Furudate’s excellent work of humanising several of the series’ characters, certain teams struggle to create an effect.

It will be a missed opportunity to continue to focus on Kakugawa when there are so many other, more logical options for a spin-off. In the Shonen genre, these decisions make a difference.

2.Johzenji is deserving.

Johzenji, Johzenji, Johzenji, Johzenji, Jo Johzenji gets a little more screen time than Kakugawa, but the repercussions of this loud gang of gamers are already resonating with the fanbase. Their “party” squad, which is noted for its enthusiastic mayhem on the court, provides a lot of fun.

Terushima, their captain, believes that sports can be enjoyable, and while he is excited to take volleyball more seriously by playing Karasuno, he is not incorrect. Learning a series about this squad of firecrackers and walking the line between spontaneity and control will just be a lot of fun.

1.Dateko is undeserving.

Dateko has a lot to offer, but does he have the ability to sustain a series? Dateko is a formidable opponent early in the season, but Karasuno is still getting his act together. They are rapidly destroyed, and the iconic “wall” is regularly breached by rival teams or one individual.

Viewers are made to learn the strengths and weaknesses of Dateko extremely well, and although the players have their own charm, it seems like it has already been told to complete this story.

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