Happy Sugar Life Season 2: Release Date Revealed!

Happy Sugar Life Season 2


The release date for Happy Sugar Life Season 2 has yet to be announced. A Japanese dark, thrilling animation series, Happy Sugar Life (also known as HappiShugaRaifu in Japanese) is a reworking of TomiyakiKagisora’s manga series of the same name.

July 14, 2018, is exactly three years after the manga’s release, however the anime series aired just a few months before the manga’s conclusion. Both manga and anime were well-received by fans and reviewers alike.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2

Happy Sugar Life’s last episode aired almost exactly two years ago. They’re already looking forward to the second season. When the show first aired, viewers were blown away by its menacing and suspenseful atmosphere. And given the first season’s results, they’ll want to see more of it. So will there be a Happy Sugar Life Season 2?

The programme has an IMDb rating of 6.5 out of 10. Although the programme has no new episodes, its MAL rating is 6.83 and it is ranked #775 in terms of popularity. For the sake of this season, we can claim that the anime has received favourable user ratings, which will serve as a positive indicator.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 may seem implausible, especially in light of the anime’s concluding scene. Was there a way for SatouMatsuzaka and Shio Kobe’s relationship to continue after Episode 12?

The manga has been serialised since 2015 and has reached eight volumes and over forty chapters by the end of the anime adaptation. The manga will finish on June 22, 2019, according to a May 2019 announcement. Volume 9 and Volume 10 will be released on the same day, July 22, 2019.

Yen Press licenced the English translation in July 2018. There will be a second and third volume released in the fall of 2019. Fan scanlation initiatives, on the other hand, are just a few chapters behind the Japanese original.

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Season 2 of Happy Sugar Life was cancelled for the following reasons:

Season one’s plot moved ahead of the manga’s, and it covered nearly all of the 10 volumes’ portions. In addition, the show’s finale was satisfying and left no opportunity for a second season. Hence all this show that the reason being why the network cancelled the Happy Sugar Life Season 2 is probably because of the absence of source material or there is no tale to continue or pursue further if the series gets renewed.

Happy Sugar Life has been officially cancelled, and there is no hope of a Happy Sugar Life Season 2 ever being produced, however as stated above, we will keep you updated if we hear anything good about this series.

Happier Sugar Life Profitability and Sales

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When Can We Expect Happy Sugar Life Season 2?

The first season of Happy Sugar Life, which had 12 episodes, started on July 14, 2018, and aired until September 29, 2018. It has been widely expected that the show will return for a Happy Sugar Life Season 2, although this has not yet been confirmed by the networks. Amazon Video was the only place to see the show in the world.

The network MBS opted not to continue the show for a second season despite the praise it received throughout season 1. As a result, MBS has decided not to renew Happy Sugar Life Season 2, and as a result, the show has been cancelled.

In light of the above, there’s no need to panic just yet. Ezo’la has plenty of time to announce a Happy Sugar Life Season 2, as anime series often renew for five years. Even if the manga continues to be updated, there will be enough of material for a second season. We believe there is a good possibility that Happy Sugar Life will be renewed for Happy Sugar Life Season 2 based on these data.

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 release date might be in 2022 (end) or 2023 if that happens (early). As soon as we learn more, we’ll make changes to this area. As soon as we hear anything about Happy Sugar Life Season 2, we’ll update this page.

Characters from the Happily Ever After Sugar Life

Even though there are just a few characters in Happy Sugar Life, the programme has a slew of memorable ones. We’ve included some background information about the important characters in the sections below.

  • SatōMatsuzaka
  • She’s ShioKbe
  • The Asahi Kbe Corporation
  • ShōkoHida
  • TaiyōMitsuboshi

Happy Sugar Life Season 2 Release

The Storyline of a Sweet and Savory Life

As a psychological horror film, Happy Sugar Life includes elements of suspense and shock. The story centers around Satsuka Matsuzaka, a high school student, and ShioKbe, an eight-year-old child. Even though this is a non-sexual relationship, it has a darker undertone.

Sato seems like any other high school student. She’s kind and attractive, and she’s known as “New Guy Every Three Days” Sato because of her popularity with the male students. While this persona may appear to be friendly, flirtatious, and charming, it is actually a psychopath who lacks empathy and sees little value in human life.

The course of Sat’s life changes dramatically when she meets Shio, an eight-year-old boy, and discovers that she has fallen in love with the purity of his youth. Sato kidnaps Shio, age 8, and conceals her in her flat so that the two of them may live happily ever after away from the prying eyes of the outside world. Sato has fallen in love with Shio.

Sato begins committing crimes, including murder, in order to guarantee that she and Shio may continue to live in what she considers as paradise, but things take a dangerous turn when Shio exhibits a lot of passion for Sat.

Is There a Trailer for the Movie?

A new trailer for Season 2 of Happy Sugar Life has yet to be released. This season one trailer, though, is worth watching only to hear the incredible soundtrack that accompanied it.

On the Internet?

For those who like to watch anime in English, this is a disappointment, but the good news is that the Japanese version has been much applauded. Amazon Prime Video has the original Japanese version of the show with English subtitles if you’d want to see it.

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