Hencha Voigt Net Worth 2022: What about Parents, Fitness, Nationality?

Hencha Voigt Net Worth 2022: What about Parents, Fitness, Nationality?


Hencha Voigt horoscope sign is Scorpio because she was born on November 11th, 1987, making her 30 years old today. Port-Au-Prince, Haiti native Voigt is most known for her modelling career. As a reality television personality, she has starred on “WAGS Miami,” or “Wives and Girlfriends.”

Childhood, Ethnicity, and Parental Involvement

There isn’t much known about Voigt’s early life other than the fact that she was reared in Port-au-Prince with her brother, Mariovaiu, and had a pleasant upbringing. Being black, she’s born with naturally dark hair and eyes, although she’s been known to bleach them blonde at times. When she was 17, political upheaval in Haiti forced Voigt to leave her home country and move to Miami, Florida. She then relocated to New York City and enrolled at Saint John’s University there.

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Intangible Assets: Hencha Voigt

As of mid-2018, how much money does Hencha Voigt have in his bank account? Over $1.5 million is estimated to be Voigt’s net worth based on her work in the sectors stated above, according to reliable sources. Her assets, such as homes and automobiles, have not been made public.

Modeling is an excellent career

FUBU’s owner found Voigt and hired her to model for Coogi, her first job in the fashion industry. Her appearances on the runways of Miami Swim Week and the 8 Jim Jones clothing line has made her a spokesmodel for a variety of businesses, including LLC, Dress to Kill, and Perfect My Silhouette. His previous work includes advertisements for the Malibu Rhum Campaign, Ciroc Girls, Belaire Girls, and even fitness advertising for the likes of Hendy.

Working in the Media: Hencha Voigt

However, Voigt is still most known for her role in “WAGS Miami,” which chronicles the narrative of a group of females who all have various difficulties with their partners and end up helping one another. Hencha had the opportunity to work with actors including Darnell Nicole, Claudia Sampedro, and Ashley Nicole Roberts during her time on the show, which spanned a year. Reality TV star Voigt is also an actor, having participated in the film “Basketball Girlfriend,” in which she played the protagonist’s ex-girlfriend.

The state of one’s personal and romantic relationships

With regard to her personal life, Hencha has dated various sports stars, including players from the Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, and Boston Celtics, as well as others. Glen Davis, Zab Judah, Colin Kaepernick, and Julius Peppers are some of the other men she has had relationships with. A motivating speaker for young minority groups, Hencha is also an active member of the community. A Snapchat celebrity named Julieanna Goddard’s naked images were leaked by Hencha after she threatened to release them.


Hencha Voigt

Hencha Voigt Fitness, the social media star’s Instagram account, is dedicated to helping others reach their dream figure, so she posts her workout suggestions and ideas there, which are followed by more than 40,000 people. In the last few months, she’s written on issues including losing weight, toning the midsection, and diet-friendly foods. In addition, she frequently publishes images of people embarking on weight-loss journeys in order to encourage and inspire them.

Pregnancy: Hencha Voigt

When Hencha Voigt tweeted in 2017 that she was pregnant but experienced a miscarriage at the end of her fourth month of pregnancy, she expressed her heartbreak. Miscarriages are a topic that is rarely discussed, but they are real #WagsMiami,” she added. When Hencha commented that she has been criticised for who she has been her entire life, she also added that she can’t alter who she is, in the beginning of 2018, it was discovered that Hencha was pregnant once again.

In addition, Hencha Voigt added that she was judged for her acts, her words, and her beliefs. Because I didn’t follow the “formal” path of life, no one ever praised me on any of my successes, and I was even condemned for it. As a mother, I no longer have the time or energy to spend on myself; instead, I have a full-time job and a new mission: to be your mommy.”” The father, on the other hand…wait for it!

Internet-based Social Networking

While working in the entertainment industry, Hencha Voigt is also active on social media, using her profiles to connect with her followers. Nearly 400,000 people follow her on Instagram, and 18,000 people follow her on Twitter. Voigt is a devout follower of ‘the law of attraction,’ but what exactly does she mean by that?

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