Hilda Rabilero Net Worth 2022: Wikipedia/biography, Age, Career.

Hilda Rabilero Net Worth 2022: Wikipedia/biography, Age, Career.


Guillermo Alvarez Guedes’ niece Hilda Rabilero was born in Havana, Cuba, into an artistic family. Her mother, Eloisa, was a well-known Cuban national television actress who has since passed away.

As a result, director Pedraza Ginori introduced it to the island’s tele-audience in the television show “Juntos,” which was then renamed “La Chica del Caonazo,” before making it a national sensation with the television show “Contacto.”

During this period, Hilda was a student at the University of Havana, where she studied acting and English. She had already been on television to announce shows on her own.

The Hilda Rabilero Wikipedia/Bio

Wikipedia has yet to include Hilda Rabilero’s biography.

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Despite this, she is well-known in the entertainment industry for her work as an actor. On the IMDb website, she has a biography.

IMDb states that Hilda Rabilero has appeared in films including Sueo Tropical and Papeles secundarios (1989).

Celebrity Biographical Data for Hilda Rabilero, Actress:

In her forties or fifties, Hilda Rabilera is thought to be.

Her exact age, on the other hand, remains a mystery at this moment. After graduating from University of Havana’s English Language and Literature Program, Hilda presented the shows on television alone.

Additionally, she is well-known for her acting career. Sueo Tropical (1993) and Papeles secundarios (1994) are two of her best-known roles (1989).

Hilda Rabilero

Hilda Rabilero Salary and Earnings Summary

Hilda Rabilero’s net worth is estimated at $1.9 million dollars.

She also has a YouTube account. It is in 1983 when Hilda is requested by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television to present Contact Space, a show aimed at young people which broadcast on Cuban television channel six every weekday.

Additionally, she kept up her profession as a celebrity communicator. Unión Radio and WQBA welcomed her into the Cuban community with warm arms, although she didn’t begin working there until 1995.

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