Horimiya Season 2: Is there going to be a season 2?

Horimiya Season 2

Horimiya Season 2 Updated: Hori san to Miyamura kun, or Horimiya in general, is an anime based on Hiroki Adachi’s manga horimiya. Horimiya is becoming increasingly popular among anime lovers throughout the world. On January 10, 2021, Horimiya premiered on aniplex. This romance slice of life anime’s first season lasted 13 episodes and ended on April 4, 2021.

The Plot of Horimiya Season 2

Horimiya Season 2

Horimiya is a famous school romance storey about two teens named Izumi Miyamura and Kyoko Hori, according to Wikipedia. Despite the fact that they were in the same class, Izumi and Kyoko seldom spoke to one another. Until Kyoko’s younger brother (sota) is brought to Izumi’s residence after his face is injured. Kyoko couldn’t tell it was his classmate at first sight since his appearance was drastically different from how he appeared in class. They agreed to keep seeing each other at Kyoko’s residence when one thing led to another. The storey then focuses on how they preserve their friendship with one another while attending school.

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Season 2 Details

What distinguishes Horimiya from the rest of the romance-slice-of-life anime on the market today is how well the show’s protagonist character is written. This anime doesn’t waste time with the same old “will they or won’t they” debate. In the fourth episode of the series, Izumi declares his love for Kyoko, and their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend continues from there. Also included in this anime is a separate plot about a side character’s romance.

Horimiya’s producers have yet to make a formal statement concerning season 2 of the show. Because Kyoko and Izumi’s relationship was so clearly defined in the first season, it’s doubtful that the programme will be renewed. Horimiya’s manga, on the other hand, has been completed. Fans may experience the entire horimiya narrative with 122 chapters. Season 2 of Horimiya does not appear to be turned into an anime, which is disappointing for anime enthusiasts.

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