Hunter X Hunter: 10 Heroes Who Worked Better As Villains

Hunter X Hunter


Hunter X Hunter Updates: There’s a point in the tale where many of the so-called “heroes” might end up becoming classic villains.

In the fantastic world of Hunter x Hunter, morality is not a black-and-white issue. This project is about a group of people that have lofty goals and what they should do to achieve them. Some are classified according to their desires, while others are classified according to how they get their desires.

In any event, the series’ divides aren’t so clear that it’s simple to assume that the Ghost Troupe is ultimately terrible because the Hunter Association has its own problems.

With all of this moral ambiguity in the air, there’s a sector of the narrative where many of the so-called “heroes” may actually play the role of classic villains.


Hunter X Hunter

Within the current understanding, Kurapika has a traditional vengeance story. Kurapika, like Sasuke Uchiha or Eren Yeager, has focused all of his attention on the Phantom Troupe in order to revenge his loved ones.

As nice as it seemed at first, he went about it in a very dark way, alienating his friends and even joining the mafia.

The Phantom Troupe, on the other hand, sees an unrelenting murderer who will stop at nothing to divide apart and exterminate their clan.

Kurapika may become a mindless, soulless killer who would stop at nothing to murder the Troupe and everyone else who got in his way if the scales were tipped in his favour.


Hunter X Hunter

Although Razor is Ging’s buddy and serves as a prisoner guard on Greed Island, it is important to remember that Razor was once a robber.

While the specifics of his criminal nature have yet to be revealed, given his strength and willingness to kill those of his team members who stray, one would expect him to be involved in some rather heinous actions.

Palm Siberia

Hunter X Hunter

Palm Siberia is enough to make any long-shoned fan think of a classic mid-tier fighter with a villain party. Her appearance is odd and unusual, yet it lacks the intricacy of the major appeal.

Given how ruthless she can be, her character is also wild enough to reply properly with a mid-level main character who is both compelling and pressing.

Alluka Zoldyck

Hunter X Hunter

The Hunter x Hunter universe is thankful that Alluka isn’t wicked. It’s simply because she’s like that. Alluka may have been a classic example of a nice child being driven to the brink due of a problematic childhood as a member of the Zoldyck Family who has been kept away from human interaction for a long time.

Killua Zoldyck

Hunter X Hunter

Killua Zoldyck hasn’t gone down the same path as Sasuke Uchiha, which is surprising. Given his tumultuous childhood and the many mental tricks that his family performs on him, one would think that Killua would give in to his origins and go ballistic against some individuals at some point.

Hunter X Hunter: Silva Zoldyck

Hunter X Hunter

Silva Zoldyck is the head of a family of assassins that includes a possessive oldest son, a pampered geek who kills people with electronics, and a lady who takes pride in every act of evil. How is it that the leader is the calmest and most rational of the bunch in such a colourful family?

Aside from Cheetu, viewers haven’t seen Silva kill anybody in the series or partake in any of the torturous frustrations that the other Zoldycks appear to enjoy.

While this is an interesting surprise, Silva Zoldyck may very well be the series’ mafia leader, determined to retain his family’s world dominance with an iron grip.

Biscuit Krueger

Hunter X Hunter

Biscuit Krueger may not have the genetic makeup to conquer or kill a villain, but she has the potential to make a terrific and even unique contribution to the classic cat-burglar evil character.

Biscuit Krueger, like the psychotic anime version of Catwoman, may continue her greedy treasure-hunting habits, but in an even more seditious and primitive manner than previously.

Isaac Netero

Hunter X Hunter

Isaac Netero was regarded as the standard-bearer for what the Hunter was meant to be throughout the majority of the series. It wasn’t until the Chimera Ant Arc that fans saw even less of Master Roshi in the series.

Netero was solely interested in tackling the most difficult situations he could find himself in. When he realised he wouldn’t be able to defeat Meruem, he revelled in the idea that he could still use a dirty bomb on Meruem’s card. The expression on his face before he dies is enough to convince us that Netero has already committed some atrocities in this series.

Ging Freecss

Hunter X Hunter

For many, Ging Freecss is already a villain, if not an antagonist; he’s constantly scored high on people’s own lists of the worst anime fathers, and his mere being around some Hunters is enough to give the impression that he’s not the nicest guy at a party. It’s possible that it’s due to his lack of tact.

Gon Freecss

Hunter X Hunter

Gon Freecss has already created a fantastic protagonist. However, he has displayed a number of indicators of instability over his heroic term.

He doesn’t seem to mind seeing people die around him; he didn’t bat an eye when Genthru ripped his arm off, and he had a full meltdown during the Chimera Ant Arc. Some of the characters in the show appear relieved that he’s simply an inquisitive child.

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