Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things About Palm Siberia That Don’t Make Sense

Hunter X Hunter

Updates on Hunter X Hunter: Being a hunter allows you to go on unusual adventures and even get rewarded for it. Palm Siberia is a disciple of Know and one of the primary hunters in the Chimera Ant issue. Despite her high admiration, there are a few things about her that don’t match up, and here’s a list of ten of them:

Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things About Palm Siberia

Hunter X Hunter

10. Personality and Professionalism: Due to her explosive personality in her personal life, Palm is assigned to spy missions that do not appear to be very clever, yet she manages to transform herself totally in her professional life.

9. Coffee scene: When she took Gon and Killua to a coffee shop to talk about their upcoming training while the discussion about Knuckle and Shoot was going on, she became enraged at how her nen made her coffee overflow, but we all know that enhancers only increase the durability and strength of things, not the amount of matter they generate.

8. Merman Clairvoyance: Palm reveals Nen’s “Merman Clairvoyance” skill. She may monitor someone from wherever by feeding her blood to the merman attached to the crystal once she has seen them with her own eyes. The episode never says whether mermen exist or if her Nen ability is to blame.

7. Black Widow: Though it’s a cool part-enhancer and transmutation ability, was it worth the time to build a dress and hat out of her own hair, considering it looked to accomplish little more than shield and strengthen her body, which enhancer powers already do?

6. Male dependency: Throughout the storey, the volatile character appears to swing loyalties between Gon and Know. It’s the polar opposite of what a spy would want. She was also given the responsibility of seducing a politician, and there was no doubt in her mind that she would switch sides.

Palm snaps out of brain surgery by chatting to Killua after being captured by the Chimera Ants and put into a trial of some DNA modifying methods and losing all her memory. Science effects are not readily erased, despite their overpowering sweetness.

4. Gon Crush: Having a crush on a twelve-year-old youngster and even setting up a date isn’t going to help. She may have been a sister or a motherly figure, but this was unsettling.

3. Alter in appearance: While this is useful for a spy, Palm’s look appears to change in an unexplained way, ranging from eyes to bone structure.

2. Breaking the Hunter Bylaws: Despite the fact that it is not addressed in the series, hunters are required to follow certain regulations in order to stay hunters, one of which is that they do not target other hunters, thus how is Palm still a hunter?

1. Meruem’s Loyalty: With the strange but sincere scenario at the end where Palm, post-ant change, crosses paths with Mureum, sees him bow, and cries, she could have requested a little more, even after they completed Mureum’s 180. Hunter X Hunter

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