Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Updates on the Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Hunter X Hunter Season 7


After the conclusion of the second anime revival of “Hunter X Hunter” Season 6, fans are eager to learn more about the series’ future. Fans are increasingly apprehensive about the future of their favourite anime series; it appears that the series’ future is uncertain.

It’s been a while since the fans have responded to the show’s future possibilities. Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is the most anticipated programme of the decade, and fans are eager to learn more about the new season.

Fans of the anime series are fighting tooth and nail to see that their beloved show returns. The anime’s sixth season was revealed in 2014, and the show’s release was the last time people really watched it. Fans have been binge-watching the series since then and have been working tirelessly to ensure that the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is approved.

However, the wait is becoming longer as officials appear to be no closer to issuing an official declaration. There are, however, some essential developments for lovers of the anime series. This article is for anyone who has already finished watching the sixth season and is curious about what happens next with their superheroes.

Will there be a Hunter X Hunter Season 7? If you’re one of those people who is unsure about the series’ future and is curious about the Hunter X Hunter Season 7, read this article till the conclusion to clear your worries.

Know everything there is to know about Hunter X Hunter!

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Hunter X Hunter is an anime adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name, which first debuted in 1998. Written by Yoshihiro Togashi, who rose to prominence following the publication of the manga series.

Hunter X Hunter is really the manga’s second anime adaptation. Previously, an anime version was released in 1999 and lasted until 2001. Nippon Animation was given the rights to develop the anime adaptation at the time.

Madhouse took up the production of the anime series’ relaunch after a decade and broadcast it on Nippon Animation. The anime started airing in 2011 and ended in 2014. With a total of 148 episodes, the series felt incredible as it neared its conclusion, and viewers felt that there was still a lot of ground to cover.

The anime series follows the storey of Gon Freecss, the primary protagonist. He learned that his father, who abandoned him when he was a child, is a Hunter who hunts fantastical animals, rare animals, and treasures. With the publication of the series, a number of new details emerge, making the storey even more exciting.

Season 7 of Hunter X Hunter: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Hunter X Hunter fans last saw the final season of the series in 2014, and there have been no further updates on the show since then. Fans were vulnerable during that time to know about the future possibility. Somewhere they knew that the series would happen in the future.

The firm belief soon vanished after the series saw no growth in the episodes. Now, it’s been 8 years since the show was last seen and still, there are no updates. While the manga has covered a lot of extra storylines that still need to get adapted and the last cliffhanger is still not dissolved, fans are so much disappointed with how things are turning out.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the series, released the storyline through the manga by releasing the small chapters but these things are lacking in the anime. The anime, which was left off of cliffhangers, have still not adopted the manga which has abundant amounts of the source material.

If there had to be any other anime other than Hunter X Hunter, we could have believed in such an irregularity. But for Hunter X Hunter, the fans are not ready.

The show is one of the popular anime series that was released at that time and the popularity is still there. Talking about the Hunter X Hunter Season 7, there are still no updates. The second season is still not confirmed and the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is still waiting to get confirmation. The fans have lost their hopes for the upcoming season and we feel that the series is still far away from getting renewed for its Hunter X Hunter Season 7.

But there are many fans who are still waiting for the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 and they still hope that one day their series will return.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7: When is it going to be Released?

If there will be Hunter X Hunter, it would definitely be going to adapt the storey of the Dark Continent Expedition arc and the Succession Contest arc. With this being said, we have enough source material that could expand to make another season of the anime series.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the popular anime of Madhouse. The studio is responsible for the production of legendary anime series that have marked their existence with immense love by the fans. Despite the show being a huge success among the people, the studio still chose to keep themselves shut for the anime series.

Recently, the studio is making the anime spin-off of their legendary shows, if that happens, we might see Hunter X Hunter Spin-off on the category. As mentioned above, there is still a lot of source material that is left to be covered by the studio.

Another possibility for the anime to get back on the screen lies on Netflix. If Madhouse sold the rights to produce the Hunter X Hunter Season 7 to Netflix, we might see Hunter X Hunter season 7. But neither Netflix nor Madhouse have released any statement that would provoke the thought of something similar to this. Fans are frustrated and demanding the seventh season as early as possible.

Final Words

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 is neither confirmed nor cancelled. It’s been more than half of a decade since the anime released its sixth season. Yoshihiro Togashi has already worked in the manga series after the series ended and produced more chapters. Now, the author is not well and fans are concerned about his health. It’s been more than 1000 days since the manga was officially released. As for now, nothing is officially confirmed and there are no updates regarding the future of the series.

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