Hunter X Hunter: The All-Time Favorite Main Characters, and Why?

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Latest News: The popular anime/manga ‘Hunter X Hunter’ introduces us to a cast of complex characters that occasionally cross the line between good and evil. Despite the fact that there are evil guys helping the good men, all of the characters appear to be motivated by their own ambitions and passions, even if not all of them make it onto the popular list.

Hunter X Hunter’s favourite characters are listed below:

Ging Freeccs: Despite seeming to Gon as an irresponsible and hopeless father figure after abandoning him as a newborn, Ging has his own twisted ways of expressing his love and caring. He’s also a pleasure to be around.

After Netero’s death, he reveals his noble side by informing everyone that the election for the future Chairman of the Hunter Association would be conducted just how the dead desired.

9. Chrollo Lucifer: Chrollo’s sympathy for the Phantom Troupe reveals his weak side. However, despite his lovely and attractive attitude, he did murder the innocent Kurta Clan in order to benefit from the sale of their rare Scarlet eyes on the black market.

Hunter X Hunter

8. Kurapika: After the conclusion of his personal arc, we get to see Kurapika in a much more relaxed and entertaining light, as opposed to his revenge-focused personality. When he places Gon and Killua’s safety before his revenge, his compassion attracts the audience’s attention. Despite the fact that he is a wonderful person, his rage issues occasionally indicate otherwise.

7. Alluka Zoldyck: Despite having had difficult life due to her “ownership” by a Dark Continent genie named Nanika, Alluka is the kindest when she is with her older brother Killua.

6. Leorio Paradinight: Though he appears to be the most greedy man at first, Leorio softens among his friends and explains that he needed the money to fund his medical school so that he could help the poor.

He is in charge of his friends, his house, and his goal.

Hunter X Hunter:

5. Killua Zoldyck: One of the gentlest characters in the game, Killua does not abuse his authority. In addition, his endearing and infantile fondness for chocolate never grows old.

4. Isaac Netero: The series’ strongest, nicest, and modest human has a propensity of making trials extremely difficult in order to see how far the hunters can go. He is an endearing character.

3. Komugi: The most unassuming of the three, Komugi frequently believes she is undeserving of love, which Mureum finds perplexing. Her character is compassionate to a fault. Hunter X Hunter

2. Hisoka Morrow: Hisoka Morrow’s hero/villain blend is both mysterious and terrible. His aura is lovely as he fights on Gon and Killua’s side, despite his evil nature.

1. Gon Freeccs: Yes, the protagonist is also the most lovable character, which is both predictable and accurate. He gets himself into a lot of trouble because he is spontaneous, personable, and constantly believes in the bright side of people.

Hunter X Hunter

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