Ian Hecox Net Worth 2022: American YouTuber And Comedian’s Earnings, Career, And More!

Ian Hecox


YouTube personality and comedian Ian Hecox has a fortune of $18 million. He’s best known as part of the sketch comedy group Smosh. Smosh began putting films on YouTube in 2005. When Ian Andrew Hecox was born in November of 1987, he was born in Sacramento, California.


On November 30, 1987, Ian Andrew Hecox was born in Los Angeles, California. Sharon and Stephan Andrew Hecox are his parents. They have appeared in two Smosh Channel video segments. Melissa Hecox, Ian’s younger sister, is featured in the film.

Ian completed his final year of high school at Del Campo Substantial School. His future Smosh husband-to-be, Anthony Padilla, met him here. They were both taking a sixth-grade science class at the same time.

The Smosh Channel was born after Ian and Anthony started submitting funny videos on YouTube.

Smosh 2nd Channel and Smosh game titles were also created by Ian when he dropped out of American River University to focus on building the channel and launching more YouTube channels like those.

While still in high school with Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox and the two started Smosh.com.

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A number of their university peers shared films they had published on YouTube. On YouTube, a relatively new and fast-expanding online channel, they posted some of their videos. After seeing an increase in interest in their videos on YouTube, Ian and Anthony created the Smosh YouTube account.

Their 22 million-plus subscribers and hundreds of videos on YouTube attest to the popularity of their channel.

After Ian and his pals’ initial channel became successful, others were inspired to follow suit, including Smosh Games, Smosh Pit, Elsmosh, and Smosh France.

There is a comparable add function in each channel with a range of samples. The most recent films Ian has appeared in are Smosh: The Movie and Ghostmates (launched on YouTube). The animated film The Indignant Bird features Ian’s voice.

Similar to a Smosh video app, Smosh has created an Android software called the hut Up Application.

Smosh co-founder Anthony Padilla departed the company in 2017 to pursue a solo YouTube career.

Money in Ian Hecox’s Pocket:

Ian Hecox

A total of $18 million is Ian Hecox’s wealth, which he has built up from the profits of his several YouTube channels, films, and exhibits.

Ian Hecox, a creative artist who has been on YouTube for eleven years, continues to astonish and inspire his followers. By remaining in the right place and at the right time, Ian Hecox has built a fortune on YouTube. This success may be traced back to his frequent presentations, where Ian Hecox  is known for his great sense of humor and quick wit.

Details about your own identity:

Known actress Pamela Horton Pamela was a playboy bunny who appeared on the cover of a well-known magazine on a few occasions. She was born May 4, 1988, in Whittier, California, 32 years old. There were rumors that Pamela and Ian were dating in September 2015.

When Pamela accidentally slid into Anthony’s direct message, the two had a chance encounter. She required help with the PlayBoy Mansion’s Game Night during that time. Ian stepped in for Anthony at the party when a spot opened up in his schedule. That’s where Pamela found him. Even though Ian didn’t enjoy the party, he still ended the night with Pam’s phone number.

Pamela Horton had recently concluded a relationship that had been emotionally and physically violent. They began dating after going out to eat and watching a movie together. After Pam mentioned she didn’t want to move too soon, things took some time to grow serious.

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