Ian Urbina Net Worth 2022: Everything You Need to Know About Investigative Reporters.

Ian Urbina


With a net worth of around $5 million, American investigative reporter Ian Urbina is well-known for his work for The New York Times and other publications, including The Atlantic and The New Yorker. Human rights, workplace safety, and the environment focus on his inquiry. This year’s award-winning series, The Outlaw Ocean by Ian Urbina, the series’ creator and the author, has become a New York Times best-seller.

The estimated net worth of Ian Urbina

Since he began reporting in 2003, the investigative reporter has achieved a net worth of roughly $5 million since he is a professional in his work and has won several accolades for his devotion to the industry.

Ian Urbina’s childhood and youth

He was born in the United States on March 29th, 1972, as Ian Urbina. Before attending Georgetown University, he completed his primary schooling at St Alban’s. Before joining The New York Times in 2003, he earned his doctorate in history and anthropology from the University of Chicago, where he focused on Cuba. He also conducted his dissertation study in Havana.

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He always participated in long-distance races while attending Georgetown and St Alban’s universities since his father, the first Latino federal judge in DC, was an exceptional undergraduate runner.

Ian Urbina’s life story

On March 29th, 1972, Ian was born in the United States to an Italian mother and a British father. His education includes a degree in history from Georgetown University and a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Aries is his zodiac sign.

The career of Ian Urbina

From 2000 until his arrival at The New York Times in 2003, Ian Urbina worked as an outreach editor for the Middle East Research and Information Project. He titled his study Mag Crews; the story was optioned for a film adaptation in 2016 named ‘American Honey.’ A 2007 New York Times investigation centered on a roving band of youngsters, most of whom were orphans or runaways.

Ian Urbina

Drilling Down’, a series he authored on the oil and gas business and fracking in 2011, served as inspiration for the 2012 film ‘Promised Land.’ When it comes to the government agency responsible for protecting workers from the dangers of long-term exposure to dangerous chemicals, he penned a piece in 2013.

New York Times journalist and author of the 2019 book ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ wrote the 2015 series on the high seas’ absence of regulations, which served as the foundation for a 2019 book with the same title. In 2014, Ian authored an article titled “The Secret Life of Passwords” for The New York Times on the emotions and tales hidden in the “safe passwords” of everyday web users. In May of 2019, he left The New York Times and founded The Outlaw Ocean, a non-profit journalistic organization.

Personal life

Ian Urbina doesn’t share much about his personal life; instead, he spends most of his time conducting research and keeping his Twitter followers up to speed.

What does Ian Urbina do for a living?

Ian is such a successful journalist with a long list of accomplishments, making it clear where he gets his money. His articles often wind up as blockbuster films since he focuses on labor rights, worker safety, and the environment. In addition, he has made a tidy sum from his most recent book and series, The Outlaw Ocean, which has piqued the interest of several film studios.

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