Is Netflix Cancelling The Irregulars Season 2?

The Irregulars Season 2

Season 2 Updates on The Irregulars: The Irregulars is a Netflix original British mystery adventure criminal drama series developed by Tom Bidwell.

The programme premiered on Netflix on March 26, 2021, with eight episodes lasting around 49-58 minutes apiece. The streamer just revealed that the programme will be ending barely a month after its premiere, adding that the show’s second season would be cancelled.

Many individuals were taken aback by this, as it was absolutely unexpected. Viewers, particularly mystery series lovers, had hoped for a second episode of the show.

Why The Irregulars Season 2 was cancelled by Netflix?

The Irregulars Season 2

The news of the show’s demise came as a complete shock to everyone. The show was performing admirably and had high ratings. The programme was likewise well received by the audience, and its popularity grew over time.

According to the streamer’s own daily top 10 charts, the episode had a respectable rating. The Irregulars charted in the top ten in over 80 countries. This demonstrates that the series was a huge success and that a lot of people enjoyed it.

The Irregulars even reached number one on Netflix in the United States, indicating that the programme will be renewed for a second season. A number one slot, however, does not ensure renewal, especially for a programme with such a high production value as The Irregulars.

The Irregulars Season 2!

The streamer couldn’t risk investing in the show for a second season just because the first season was a success.

Due to the high production value of the programme, it would be necessary for them to outperform the competition and even the first season in order to benefit from the second season. However, the streamer couldn’t afford to take any chances, thus the second season was cancelled.

Although most of Netflix’s selections are kept under wraps, Vice President Cindy Holland of Netflix stated at a Television Critics Association event in 2018 that “the major thing that we look at is, are we getting enough audience to justify the expense of the series?”

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