Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: Renewal Status| Is It Happening?

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2


Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: I am glad that the people are not more concerned regarding their mental health than they were before. After years of learning about such a disease in the news, I am glad that the people are finally taking a step ahead to understand what it truly is.

But besides all these things, I personally feel that TV shows are the most prominent ways that make this thing an achievement and help people to realise it.

While talking about such a series, I got stuck with “It’s okay to Not be Okay”, a Korean Tv drama that was officially released last year with a huge success because of its storyline that marks a true statement. After the show officially concluded, fans started to wait for “Its okay to Not be Okay Season 2”.

It’s okay to Not be Okay is one of the masterpieces that was released by Korean dramas. Lately, K-dramas are getting more statemental than just being romantic shows.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: Earlier, we used to emphasise this drama as being the romantic ones but after the release of Squid Games, Home Sweet, and The Uncanny, we realised that there is much more than just sticking to one genre. The superiority of k-drama is no longer a hidden gem after the release of a huge diversity of series that perfectly matches the interest of everyone.

Talking about It’s Okay to Not be Okay, a series that deals with mental health, anxiety, love, friendship, childhood tarmac, and anxiety. The storey is interesting and leaves a lot of suspense. Through the episodes, we’ll reach the deeper and darker aspects of the character’s life which have further destroyed their mental health.

Focusing on these issues, I believe that the series stands out among the rest of the k-dramas in every aspect. After the series finally wrapped up, the fans started to know about the future possibility of the show. We have managed to get every little information regarding this article. Continue reading it till the very end to find everything about it.

Its Okay to Not be Okay: A Popular K-Drama

Before going to read about the series’ possible season 2, we first need to see everything that happened so far. If you are someone who hasn’t watched the first season then this section is for you.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2 is one of the most popular k-drama series that is ever released. The show brings back the intriguing storyline that was missing from the audience’s life.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: Following the storey of the fictional cartoon characters like fairy tales and the monsters and dictate every episode through the medium of the storey is something out of the people’s imaginations. This is the first thing that makes the series completely unique through the rest of the k-drama.

Anyone who will watch the show is definitely going to witness how creativity and visuals can truly work together to bring out something amazing.

Written by Jo Yong and directed by Park Shin-woo, the series stars Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, Oh Jung-se, and Park Gyu-young in the main lead. Through the storm, we’ll see the mental health of every character and how they have impacted these things in their life. Personally, I feel bad for every character and this is the true beauty of the show. No one is the true criminal and everyone is a victim of their own situation.

The first series has 16 episodes and every show is broadcast on tvN and later handled by Netflix. The audience loved the show and it recovered massive success from the audience. The critics critically accompanied the show and grave average ratings, there were mixed responses from the audience and they criticised the latter half of the series. But overall the critics gave a positive response and the majority of them liked it.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: Who will be back in the Show?

Starring Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji as the main lead. Both the actors have already been popular idols in the k-pop drama and their performance is the reason why they have been appreciated so much. The selection of the cast was truly amazing and the fans loved the duo on the screen.

If there will be a Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2, we’ll definitely see these two get back in the show. The show won’t be the same without Oh Jung-se casting as Moon Sang-tae. His performance as the mentally ill has truly shaped the show. The show won’t feel the same without these three so it is obvious for them to get back in the show.

If the series gets officially renewed, it is possible to see Kim Soo-Hyun getting back as Moon Gang-tae and will be pursuing his job as the worker of Ok psychiatrist hospital. Along with him, her love interest, Ko Moon-young will get back and follow her work as a writer.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: What will be the storyline?

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: The first season follows the life of Moon Gang-tae, a worker in the OK Psychiatrist hospital who works for the mentally ill. V is the older brother of Gang-tae but actually an autistic person who develops trauma and behaves like a childish as his mental disease.

Ko Moon-young accidentally encountered a gang-tae and loved his manly personality. This behaviour of him generates the feeling of obsession in Moon-Young and he optimistically follows him in every season. After a while, both of them fell in love but there is someone who fell in love with Moon-young and that is Moon Sang-tae.

The series turns out more after the reveal of their family’s personal history. It came out that Moon-young’s mother was actually behind the death of the brothers’ mother. The ending wrapped perfectly but the audience still wanted to have another season. The main thing that makes the ending great is that both the lead get together happily.

Moreover, the storey romantically wraps up and there was nothing to pull afterward. Still, there are many people who feel that there are a lot of things that could be considered in the next seasons.

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2: There is no official confirmation regarding the future of the series. No doubt, Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2 was a masterpiece. The storey was intriguing and left the audience speechless through its storytelling and aesthetic screenplay. The show even got “The Best International Shows of 2020” recognition from the New York Times. Tons of achievement were booked under the k-drama.

However, none of them truly significance the other reason to get back at the show. At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation for it. The officials seem to be busy with their upcoming programme and it feels like there is nothing to tell.

Even the stars are busy with their upcoming project. The future of the series can be judged only by the officials which are not yet ready for another season. On the other hand, the massive success of the series truly defines why the series is yet another popular anticipation for the Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2. The online ratings are enough for the show to define its popularity.

Personally, I think that the series is not going to happen in the future. The reason behind this can be understood through the show ends. The English shows are often extended beyond the limits and the massive fans from the outside country can imagine something similar with Korean shows. But Korean dramas are known for their single and exit storyline. Most of the series are single seasons and that’s why Its Okay to Not be Okay Season 2 is unlikely to happen.

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