Jack Frost: Where To Watch It Online and What To Know Before Watching It This Christmas?

Jack Frost is an American Christmas film that was released on December 11, 1998, and the film is a dark fantasy film. The film was directed by Troy Miller and is based on a story by Mark Steven Johnson. Mark Canton and Irving Azoff produced the film. Jack Frost revolves around the storey of a father who returns to life after he is killed in an accident.

The twist here is that he returns as a snowman, and what follows is a series of twists and turns. Even though the film received negative reviews during the time of its release, the film can be watched during the holiday seasons to enjoy some dark fantasies that the film has portrayed on the screen.

Where to Watch it Online?

Jack Frost was released on December 10, 1998, in Australia and December 11, 1998, in the United States. The film had a theatrical release back then. However, if anyone wishes to watch dark fantasy fiction on screen today, they can easily do so. The film can be streamed online today on various digital streaming platforms. Those who wish to stream the film can stream it on Netflix, WarnerBros.com or buy/ rent it from Youtube Movies and Google Play Movies.

What to Know Before Watching it this Christmas?

Jack Frost is a fantasy film that is set in the backdrop of Christmas. The film revolves around a father, Jack Frost, who happens to be a lead singer in a band, and the storey is set in Medford, a fictional town in California. Jack dies in a road accident; however, he is brought back to life through a harmonica with magical powers that he gave to his son.

The only twist is that he returns in the form of a snowman. While he has to leave at the end of the winters, Jack convinces his son Charlie to live his life and that he is there for him. He also bids farewell to his wife and finally leaves after he has asked he has assured his family. How do things change for Jack’s family and Jack after his death, as well as will Jack really leaves, are the questions that the audience might want to know?

When did the Film Actually Release?

Jack Frost is a dark fantasy film that was released on December 10, 1998, in Australia and December 11, 1998, in the United States. Even though the film did not receive great reviews, one can try watching the film in the holiday season as it comes from an off-beat genre as well as has several twists that keep the viewers hooked at times along with the blend of emotions.

Who is in the Cast?

The voice cast of Jack Frost includes Michael Keaton who voiced Jack and the Snowman, Kelly Preston who voiced Gabby, Joseph Cross who voiced Charlie, Mark Addy who voiced Mac, Henry Rollins who voiced Sid Gronic, Mica Boorem who voiced Natalie, Andrew Lawrence, who voiced Tuck along with others like Eli Marienthal, Will Rothhar, Taylor Handley, Ahmet Zappa, etc.

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