Jackie Burkhart Net Worth 2022: Age, Parents, Children, Spouse, Fashion, and Salary.

Jackie Burkhart Net Worth 2022: Age, Parents, Children, Spouse, Fashion, and Salary.


Mila Kunis portrays Jackie Burkhart on That ’70s Show as Jacqueline Beulah Burkhart, a fictitious character. Jackie is one of the show’s two female protagonists and the love interest of Michael Kelso throughout its run.

The counsel she gives is generally careless and shallow, yet it has been shown to be accurate at least once. Because she is dating Kelso–a member of the group–she feels she has a VIP ticket into the circle of friends, even though she has never really been invited.

Despite these flaws, Jackie has been chosen Most Popular and Best Legs, and was runner-up Snow Queen at school. Moreover, she has a tendency to go on and on about topics that no one cares about.

Due to her self-absorbed demeanour, she is frequently portrayed obstructing the group’s affinity. Despite her manipulative tendencies, she is also proven to have her heart in the right place and to be a kind person.

When Jackie was dating Hyde, she grew extremely self-conscious if he made a sexist remark about another woman, and insisted that he label that woman ugly.

Jackie Burkhart is getting on in years. The character of Beulah Burkhart appears in the FOX sitcom That ’70s Show. Mila Kunis is the actress that plays her. Rich female Burkhart is the girlfriend of Kelso, Hyde, then Fez. She is self-absorbed and snobbish.

As Michael Kelso’s girlfriend, she is introduced in the pilot episode. Born on Sept. 24, 1960, she’s been around since the 1960s. As of 2018, Jackie Burkhart is 58 years old.

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Family members of Jackie Burkhart

As a member of a well-off family, Jackie tends to be self-absorbed. Jack Burkhart (father) and Pam Burkhart (mother) gave birth to her (mother). Throughout its run, Jackie has been one of the show’s two female leads and the love interest of Michael Kelso.

Husband of Jackie Burkhart

During the first episode of the new series, Jackie gets engaged to Michael Kelso, an attractive but unintelligent man. When he is freed from jail after being wrongly convicted for driving a stolen automobile, she resolves to finally lose her virginity to him.

Every day, Jackie gets on the nerves of Kelso’s pals, and Kelso keeps saying that he’s going to break up with her because of it. However, Jackie ends the connection twice in the first season.

Two episodes later, “they get back together in the exact same episode,” when Kelso is found kissing Pam Macy. They reunite at the Junior Prom, though, after admitting they’ve missed each other.

Dresses and hairstyles by Jackie Burkhart

Amount Jackie Burkhart’s net worth is estimated to be.

Mila Kunis plays a fictitious character named Jacqueline Beulah Burkhart in the Fox comedy That ’70s Show. Jackie is one of the show’s two female protagonists and the love interest of Michael Kelso throughout its run. As of 2019, Jackie Burkhart’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

Jackie Burkhart

Hyde and Jackie are two of the most popular couples in the world.

New On fanfiction.net, Jackie and Hyde fan fiction is updated every day, and there are already more than 700 stories on the duo.

However, articles on other websites like livejournal.com and archiveofourown.com, among others, are not included in this total.

It’s common for supporters to point out that Jackie and Hyde’s appeal stems from the fact that they pushed each other to be better people. Furthermore, their physical chemistry is undeniably strong.

Stylish Clothes worn by Jackie Burkhart

The Most Iconic Outfits Worn by Jackie Burkhart

As a fashion icon, a drama queen, and the most irritating character on the programme, Jackie is a household name. We have a soft spot in our hearts for people who crave attention. Her entire existence revolves on the pursuit of the latest trends in clothing. It’s all about looking good.

Mila Kunis was just 14 years old when this episode premiered. All applicants had to be at least eighteen years old in order to be considered. She informed the casting directors she was going to turn 18, but she didn’t disclose exactly when. Isn’t this amazing?

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