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Jason Goff


Radio broadcaster and producer for sports in the United States, Jason Goff. Sirius XM Big Ten Radio currently employs him. Even though he loved athletics, Jason confesses that he was too little in high school to be a star athlete. He didn’t reach his 6-inch growth spurt until his senior year. Before he became just a number at The Score, Jason made an effort to get noticed inside the organisation. At no charge, he began escorting the Chicago Bulls to their home games.

Jason Goff is the name of a Age Goff was born on August 8th, 1980, in Evanston, Illinois, USA, making him 40 years old as of 2020. Every year, on the eighth of August, he has a birthday party for him.

Goff, Jason Heaviness and Size

He has an average height and weight. If his photos are any indication, he stands at a respectable height in relation to the rest of his surroundings. However, there is currently no public information available on his exact height and other body parameters. We have measures in place to preserve this data, and we can replace it as soon as it is released.

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Members of Jason Goff’s Family

Elsworth and Beverly, both born in Belize, gave birth to him. Aside from getting a tattoo of his mother’s name on his wrist, he goes by the name “Shaina’s brother” on social media and frequently waxes lyrical about her.

Siblings of Jason Goff

Jason Goff and his younger sister, Shaina, are also first-generation Americans who were reared together. Jason has a reputation as a family man.

Jason Goff Wife:

Nicole Tucker is his wife. The couple originally met in 2001 and began dating; they got engaged in 2016 and had their first child, Jace, in 2017.

Children of Jason Goff

Jace, the couple’s first child, was born healthy and happy.

Jason Goff

Goff’s annual compensation

In the meanwhile, we don’t know his exact salary, but we’ll keep an eye on it and update as soon as it becomes available.

The estimated Net Worth

As of 2020, his dollars’ worth is predicted to be between $500K and $1 million. This is where he keeps all of his assets, cash, and earnings. A radio host is the primary source of income for him. He has accumulated a fortune from a variety of means, but prefers to live a simple life.

Career: Jason Goff

With only 11 years under his belt, Jason decided he wanted to pursue a career in radio hosting after graduating from Evanston Township High School and enrolling at Southern Illinois University. The hosts of talk radio shows his parents listened to as toddlers captivated him because of their ability to connect with their audience.

At the age of adolescence, Goff became more and more interested in being a sports radio broadcaster. However, even though he was not an athlete, he had a great deal of interest in the statistical aspects of sports, notably basketball and soccer. At The Score, he became known as “Jason from Evanston” because of his frequent phone calls. He even went so far as to inquire about an internship at the station, but was told that only those with school credit were eligible.

It took him a year of schooling and several requests to The Score for an internship before they agreed to let him leave SIU and begin working. In the year 2000, Jason began working full-time at The Score radio after completing an internship there. He was eventually hired to produce Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein’s afternoon show, where he would often join in on the conversation.

When Jason left The Score after 12 years, he joined WZGC FM sports activities radio as a nighttime host. Additionally, he began hosting shows on SiriusXM satellite television for personal computers. Jason joined Dan Bernstein in the afternoon slot when Terry Boers resigned in 2017. In October of last year, Jason began hosting the Big Ten Radio show on SiriusXM, which he continues to do today.

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