JB Smoove Net Worth 2022- Wife, Children, Fortune and biographical data

JB Smoove Net Worth 2022- Wife, Children, Fortune and biographical data


The net worth of JB Smoove, an American comedian, and actor, is $5 million. Smoove sprang to prominence as Leon Black on Larry David’s long-running HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm, but he’s been a well-known figure in the comedy scene since the 1990s. JB Smoove’s appeared in several films and television series and even performed stand-up comedy.

Life in the Beginning:

As you probably predicted, JB Smoove was not born under the name “J.B. Smoove” on December 18th, 1965, in Plymouth, North Carolina. When Jerry Brooks moved to Mount Vernon with his family when he was three, he was known just as Jerry Brooks. He continued to visit Plymouth now and again, though, owing to the generosity of his extended relatives in the region. According to legend, many of his comedic ideas were sparked by members of his large extended family.

JB Smoove News

JB Smoove attended Mount Vernon High School for two years before moving to Norfolk, Virginia, where he attended Norfolk State University for two years to study graphic design and engineering. But before he gained success as a stand-up comic, he had odd jobs after college, including “Selling fire extinguishers door-to-door… When I worked in bars, I used to fix the soda machines with ten different buttons.” However, he ultimately found himself onstage making jokes and quickly made a name for himself.

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Career as a Comedian:

Russell Simmons’s Def Comedy Jam originally brought JB Smoove to the notice of the public in the early 1990s, when he appeared as part of the Def Comedy Jam cast. While working on Everybody Hates Chris and Saturday Night Live, his stand-up work resulted in regular parts on both shows. Writers Guild of America Award in 2007 for that role on Saturday Night Live; he stayed on SNL for three years before going on to other projects. In addition, his work as the narrator in the 2001 comedy Pootie Tang cemented his place in the hearts of cult cinema enthusiasts.

In addition to Til Death, he had a two-year stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm’s sixth season in 2007. Fans have fallen in love with Leon Black, Larry David’s unlikely roommate, and sidekick, because of his chemistry with Larry and his tendency to unleash improvised stream-of-conscious monologues. He even wrote an entire book in the character of Leon, entitled The Book of Leon: Philosophical Thoughts of an Insane Person.

Throughout Smoove’s appearances on Curb, he’s continued to work on other projects. On Cedric the Entertainer Presents and Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey, he hosted a Comedy Central stand-up comedy event. He also appeared on the Dave Attell-hosted Gong Show revival. On Comedy Central in 2012, he made his TV stand-up special debut with That’s How I Dooz It; this was followed by his performances in more dramatic films including Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo and Movie #43.

J.B. Smoove Net Worth

You may also hear him in video games (such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Grand Theft Auto V) as well as cartoon programs like Harley Quinn, The Simpsons, and American Dad! He hosted the eighth season of Last Comic Standing in 2014, and a few years later he appeared on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, which was hosted by Seinfeld.

In addition to his appearance as Santa Claus in a Sia Christmas music video, he’s been on series like Four Courses with JB Smoove and Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies versus Veterans to showcase his culinary prowess. Larry David’s improvisational comedic abilities (and the public’s inexhaustible curiosity about what Larry David is like in real life) have made him a notable talk show guest throughout this part of his career.

Personal life:

Shahidah Omar, a singer, has been JB Smoove’s wife since 2007 and the couple has a kid. Contrary to his Curb alter-ego, JB Smoove is an advocate for good eating and a philanthropist, sitting on the Mount Vernon Board of Directors for the local Boys & Girls Clubs. NBA All-Star Celebrity Game at the Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, included several North Carolina luminaries, including him. Finally, he was acknowledged in 2020 by being named as one of the most generous tippers in New York City’s Brooklyn Chop House, where he allegedly left $1,200 in gratuity.

J.B. Smoove Age

JB Smoove Quote on Money:

There are too many different sorts of smarts to know them all. Other people are book smart, some people are street smart, and still, others are relationship smart. Everyone isn’t as smart as they think they are. There’s money smart, there’s movie smart, and then there’s computer smart. A person can’t possibly know all of the numerous types of intelligence.

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