Jennifer Robertson Quadriga Net Worth 2022: Family Background, Age, Ethnicity.

Jennifer Robertson Quadriga

A woman named Jennifer the wiki for Jennifer Robertson Quadriga Known as the CEO’s heir and widow, Margaret Robertson is a well-known name in the Canadian real estate development industry. Before getting married in 2018, Robertson and Gerald Cotten dated for a long time. During a journey to India to support an orphanage, Robertson developed acute intestinal pain as a result of his chronic Crohn’s illness in the year 2018.

When Robertson committed to not sell or transfer any of her assets in 2019, she did so on her own. Robertson returned $12 million from her husband’s fortune to Quadriga in 2019.

Wiki, biography, and age information on Jennifer Robertson Quadriga

Jenni Robertson Quadriga was born on this day in the year of the year 1988. Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada, is where she was born. This woman’s birth name has been shortened to just Jennifer Robertson Quadriga, or just Jennifer Quadriga. As of 2022, Jennifer Robertson Quadriga will be 34 years old. Virgo is her astrological sign. There’s no indication of her schooling anywhere online.

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Quintin Robertson A person’s ethnicity or nationality

Although we’ve discussed Jennifer’s ethnicity, no mention is made of it here. She is a Canadian citizen by birth.

Parents and siblings of Jennifer Robertson Quadriga

In terms of her biological parents, Phil Robertson (the father) and Kay Robertson are both to be found (Mother). No information about his parents’ occupations is provided. Willie Robertson is his older brother.

Robertson Quadriga’s wife, Jennifer

According to social media, Jennifer Robertson Quadriga has a spouse. Gerald Cotten became her husband. In 2018, she married him. The name of the couple’s unnamed kid is not stated. And she never posts any further information on social media.

Jennifer Robertson Quadriga

In the Quadriga, Jennifer Robertson A person’s height and weight

We don’t have any information on the exact height or weight of Jennifer Robertson Quadriga. Despite her tiny figure, she has her father’s attitude.

Celebrity Net Worth for Jenni Quadriga

Our next topic is Jennifer Quadriga’s estimated net worth at now. She has a net worth of $12 million.

What do you want to know about Jennifer Robertson?

The name of Jennifer Quadriga is, correct?

The name of the respondent is Jennifer Kathleen Canadian real estate developer Margaret Robertson is well-known.

Do you know the parents of Jennifer Quadriga?

Phil Robertson (father) and Kay Robertson (mother) are the names of Jennifer Robertson Quadriga’s parents (Mother).

Who is the husband of Jennifer Robertson Quadriga?

Ans. Gerald Cotten is her spouse.

Jennifer Robertson Quadriga is from what country?

The nationality of Jennifer Robertson Quadriga is Canadian.

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