Jim Kitchen Net Worth 2022: You Should Know About the Blue Origin Passengers.

Jim Kitchen


As part of Blue Origin’s newest New Shepard mission, UNC-Chapel Hill management professor and entrepreneur Jim Kitchen made news and fans are anxious to learn how much money he is worth.

It’s another accomplishment for Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, which is working hard to establish these supersonic thrill flights as a cultural touchstone. The business recently completed its fourth successful space tourism mission.

Five paying clients and a Blue Origin engineer boarded the New Shepard spacecraft at the company’s West Texas launch facility just after daybreak on Thursday.

They were joined by Marty Allen (CEO and investor) as well as Dr. George Nield (President of Commercial Space Technologies), LLC; Dr. Marc Hagle (CEO of Tricor International) as well as Gary Lai (Blue Origin) and Jim Kitchen.

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Blue Origin: Who Is Jim Kitchen, UNC Professor?

Professor Jim Kitchen, a business professor at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, is part of the crew of the Blue Origin spacecraft that successfully completed its fourth voyage on Thursday.

Jim is presently a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, where he holds a variety of academic and professional qualifications.

Jim Kitchen

With two masters degrees and a successful entrepreneurial career, Jim is one of the most accomplished businesspeople in the travel and technology sectors. His undergraduate studies were completed at UNC as well.

Estimated 2019 income for Jim Kitchen.

Jim Kitchen has a reported fortune of $20 million. While still a UNC student, Professor Kitchen started his first business, which specialised in Caribbean group tours.

When TUI PLC bought his firm in 2007 and put him in charge of TUI Student’s acquisition department, he helped to build one of North America’s leading student travel companies.

A commercial real estate business owned by Jim specialises in buying apartment complexes, pharmacy stores, and other triple-net ventures. In addition, he is an ardent angel investor, helping to expand the entrepreneurial culture in the Triangle.

Details About Jim Kitchen’s Wife, Susan, And Their Children

Susan Kitchen, Jim’s wife, is the love of his life. Details about his wife and family have been made public by him.

When it comes to his family and relationship, Jim is a secretive person. For him, it’s important to keep his family’s secrets out of the public eye. In the course of the conversation, he makes just passing mention of his family.

There’s no mention of his children, and there are just a handful of photos of his wife to be seen on his social media pages.

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