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Joe Keery


American actor and singer Joe Keery has a net worth of $4 million dollars. For his starring role in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” he is widely recognised.

In addition to his work with Post Animal, Joe Keery is a member of the band. When I Think of You in a Castle” was published in 2018 as the band’s first studio album. They’ll be releasing “Forward Motion Godyssey” next year. In 2015, Post Animal released their debut EP, “Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities.”.


Joe Keery was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, on April 24, 1992. David, his father, was an architect, and Nina, his mother, was an English professor. David was the one who raised him. He is the second of five siblings, the others being Caroline, Lizzy, Kate, and Emma.

An elementary and middle school that Keery’s mother helped build is River Valley Charter School, a Montessori school. After that, he went to Newburyport High School for his secondary education. For many years he attended Theater in the Open, an annual performing arts camp held at Maudslay State Park. However, he began his acting career in high school, thanks in large part to his older sister’s encouragement.

He went to DePaul University’s Theatre School after high school to pursue a career in acting. In 2014, he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Southern California.

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Career: Joe Keery

DePaul University graduate Joe Keery began auditioning for commercials, modest television jobs and feature films after completing his studies there. He also worked as a waiter at this period. He has appeared in Domino’s and KFC commercials, as well as on “Empire” and “Chicago Fire” as a guest actor. “Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party” by Stephen Cone was the first feature-length picture he worked on.

After that, he was cast in the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” a science fiction horror thriller set in the 1980s, and landed his breakthrough role as Steve Harrington. When the programme launched in July of 2016, Steve was a recurrent character, but when the second season premiered in October of same year, he became a main character. Keery had initially planned to simply play the character for the first season, but he quickly became a fan favourite.

The third season began in July of this year, and he resumed his role. Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series went to Keery and the rest of the ensemble in 2017. In 2018, the cast was nominated for a second time in the same category.

Stranger Things cast member Joe Keery kept up his acting career while starring in the Netflix series. As of 2017, he has appeared in “The Charnel House” and “Molly’s Game” respectively. He appeared in the 2018 films “After Everything” and “Slice.” A short film part in “How to Be Alone” and a recurring role on “No Activity” both came his way in 2019. As Kurt Kunkle in “Spree,” he’ll take a role in “Death to 2020” in 2020 before returning to acting in 2021. “Free Guy” was a huge box office success in 2021, when he starred as a game developer.

Joe Keery

Salary for Stranger Things

It cost $10,000 each episode to pay each kid actor in the first season of the show. The season’s total cost was $80,000. It was decided to pay the actors a higher salary for the second season at $30,000 each episode, for a total of $270,000. In season three, each of the major kid actors will get $250,000 every episode, which works out to almost $2 million per season for each of them.

A Life in Music

Joe Keery is both an actor and a musician, however he has made a concerted effort to keep the two endeavours distinct throughout his career. Post Animal, a Chicago-based garage and psych-rock band in which he plays guitar, is another project of his. The band’s first full-length album was released in October of that year. In April of this year, they released their second album, “When I Think Of You In A Castle.” Additionally, he sang back-up vocals on the record, in addition to playing guitar. Because of the band’s involvement with “Stranger Things,” Joe Keery decided to end his tour with the band in 2019.

A year later, in July of that year, he released “Roddy” as a solo artist under the name Djo in an attempt to gain immediate fame. He followed it up with “Chateau (Feel Alright)” a month later. In September, he released his debut album as Djo, titled “Twenty Twenty,” a month after that. “Keep Your Head Up,” a new track released in September of 2020, was promoted on Reddit and in a chat with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne. Besides “Cool Cool Cool,” he has also recorded songs under that moniker.

It’s all about you!

Social media users love Joe Keery because of his down-to-earth demeanour and his genuine friendliness. After meeting at a party in Los Angeles in 2017, he began dating actress Maika Monroe. Bread pudding is his one and only vice, as he refuses to drink or smoke.

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