John DiRubba Net Worth 2022: Daughter, New York City, Ex-Boyfriend of Valerie Cincinelli

John DiRubba

John DiRubba bakery and tattoo business owner belongs from New York. Valerie Cincinelli, a New York City police officer, had a spouse named Carvalho, and he was well-known for being her ex-boyfriend despite the fact that she was married. When he was in his fifties, the two of them first met in 2017. Court records suggest that Ms. Cincinelli and Mr. DiRubba began dating in 2017.

After serving in the NYPD for more than a decade, her father, who was also a former NYPD officer, said that he now makes his money by “developing and flipping properties.” The two were immediately inseparable, Mr. DiRubba later said: They received matching “’til death” tattoos on their left hands

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Eventually, after spending time together, they agreed to eradicate all of their differences. It was revealed that Cincinelli had pressured Dirubba into hiring a hitman to kill her husband and remove the obstacle permanently. The former New York City police officer was accused and sentenced to four years in prison following the failed attempt. After resigning from the NYPD, Valerie Cincinelli was sentenced to four years in prison for conspiring with her then-boyfriend to commit two murders for pay.

The whereabouts of John DiRubba are unknown. Now?

John DiRubba was last seen in New York, according to some leads. Her ex-husband girlfriend’s and her own adolescent daughter were the targets of a murder plot, but he maintained his innocence from the beginning. John DiRubba is attempting to appear innocent,” one person commented.

John DiRubba

It’s so obvious that he’s a scumbag. He was aware that she had a husband. Do you really think that a well-respected domestic violence police officer was the victim of a prankster? Liar who took pleasure in the excitement of the relationship.”

John scolded his daughter.

In order to eliminate Carvalho, John DiRubba was paid $7000 to hire a hitman, according to the source. The plan also included a hit on John Dirubba’s daughter. And John was all set to do the same with her.

Her daughter’s identity and whereabouts remain a closely guarded family secret. In addition, we are unable to verify any information on the daughter’s present condition. As soon as there is adequate information, we’ll let you know.

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