Jolt Review: Kate Beckinsale Is Back In Action But The Movie Failed



Jolt Review: Amazon Prime Video’s latest movie Jolt was released on the popular OTT platform but it didn’t turn out to be as amazing as people thought it to be. The new action-comedy movie has released its official trailer and there is an obvious desire to watch the movie.

Released on 3 June 2021 and directed by Tanya Wexler, this movie revolves around Lendy Lewis and his mental disorder. Director Tanya has tried to put forward another superhero kinda movie but we are okay with Marvel. Dans are seemingly joking after watching the star cast in action. The film is filled with action and comedy with a little bit of weirdness.

When the movie released the official trailer on Youtube, one can clearly understand the whole plot within those few minutes. It’s a thing in today’s movie that the creator doesn’t even pay attention to its official Trailer. The trailer wasn’t that exciting and it didn’t even make sense to watch the movie. For a big entertainment geek like me, even though I love watching unique movies, this doesn’t make me much interested in it.

In this article, we’ll check out the movie and also review it. This article will save your time and help you to understand the movie in a better way.

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Jolt: Action-Comedy Movie

Jolt is an American Comedy movie that was released on 3 June 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The movie centres on a female character named Lindy Lewis which is played by Kate Beckinsale. After giving birth to an Explosive disorder girl, Lindy’s parents were unable to control her. Her over-exploitation behaviour sometimes led to big harm to others, that’s why the firm sent her into the army.

Moreover, Lindy’s behaviour started to get out of hand and now it became a matter of subject. It was decided to take further action for her aggression and needed it to control. Lindy also hired a therapist and he asked her to go on a date in order to take some more experiments regarding his aggression. Dr. Ivan believes that if she has the ability to go on a date and turns it successfully then she will also be able to have a healthy relationship in her life.

By mutually deciding, Ivan asked her to go on a date with Justin. On the very first date, she beats the waitress and leaves in embarrassment. But the second date with Justin Becomes successful.

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Jolt: Film Review

The action-comedy movie, Jolt is already released on Amazon Prime Video. As the movie starts, within 5 minutes you can think that this movie will have an amazing storey till the end.

As the storey takes off with the narration about the main cast, Lindy, and her mental disorder. The girl was suffering from intermittent explosive disorder which makes her quite impulsive and aggressive. Her Aggression can lead to some kind of extra Violent and Powerful powers which is not less than a superhero. The storey is predictable and doesn’t excite the audience much.

Also, the offbeat narration of the movie doesn’t do any justice in the overall storey. Talking about the cast, Kate Beckinsale has shown her potential again and her fans are more than happy to see her again in the main look.

Moreover, the director has done a decent job in making the storey look interesting but we don’t want another superhero. Lindy, who has the power to make anyone kill, has also fantasised about killing her therapist too. Her flashbacks give her electric shock (or you can say Jolt) (or you can say Jolt). The movie makes you laugh with its action and all the fantasies that Lindy thinks in his head. The movie is fun but not that great to make the audience fall in love.

Jolt: Who is in it?

As the movie has been released on the OTT platform, it brings the main cast, Kate Beckinsale, back into the game. The famous Hollywood actress has already been famous for her amazing movie and now her fans are relieved to see her back in the movie again.

For Jolt, she appeared to be the main protagonist of the show and her physics can even make anyone bent down. I can clearly see that the movie has the action on for the hour. Kate Beckinsale is cast as Lindy Lewis. Here is a brief about all the cast and the characters they are playing in the movie. Keep reading to find out.

Kate Beckinsale is cast as Lindy Lewis, the main protagonist of the show who has an intermittent explosive disorder which makes her violent in many ways.

Bobby Cannavale as Detective Vicars

Jai Courtney is seen as Justin\sLaverne Cox will be cast as Detective Nevin

David Bradley as Gareth Fizel

Ori Pfeffer is playing the role of Delacroix

Susan Sarandon as Woman With No Name

Stanley Tucci will be cast as Dr. Ivan Munchin

No matter what your age is and how old you get, comedy dramas are always a part of your interest you.

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Is There Any Official Trailer for this movie?

The official trailer of this movie has been released by Amazon Prime Video is on youtube. The video gained over a million views and the audience seemed to be loving it. If you haven’t watched the official Trailer of Jolt then we are here to serve you. Watch this Trailer and write your reaction to it.

How the Critics Reacted to this movie?

Jolt: Both the critics and audience have rated the show with lower ratings and don’t like the overall concept. Starting with the IMDb rating of the show with 5.5/10 and the rotten tomatoes are 39 percent . Metacritic has rated the show with 45 percent ratings.

Coming to the audience rating summary which is 3.3. All this concludes that the movie has failed to make a great impact on the audience.

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