JP Sears Net Worth 2022: Is He a Life Coach, or just a Therapist?

JP Sears


JP Sears’s most known for satirical parodies of vegetarianism, gluten-free crazes, and other new-age ideas. In his satirical YouTube videos, millions of people have viewed them! He is a YouTube sensation, comedian, emotional healing counselor, and world traveler, all at the same time.

Even though his demeanor first raises whether or not he’s a serious person, he makes light of the most significant aspects of his life.

He has a fortune of $3 million (estimated)


On April 12th, 1981, JP Sears was born. He may be 40 years old, but he doesn’t appear to be it. According to his biography, when he was 23, he went from Ohio to California. Since then, he’s been living all over the place.

In contrast to his mother, a practicing Catholic, his father was an atheist. It didn’t work out for his mother’s sake to raise her children as Catholics to satisfy her parents. J.P. also has a younger sister, whom he had to care for after his parents divorced when he was a child.

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Is JP Sears, in fact, a professional life coach?

JP Sears’ life coach services are authentic, despite its hard to believe based on his videos! He has 16 years of expertise as an emotional health healing counselor before becoming a YouTube sensation. Since 2006, he has worked one-on-one with tens of thousands of people and conducted numerous seminars, conferences, and retreats. J.P. used to see people from all over the world up to six days a week for intense sessions.

From 2002 through 2012, he ran a health club named Holistic Health and Fitness. A mentor of J.P.’s mentored him while he was faculty at the C.H.E.K. Institute from 2006 to 2013. (the founder of the institute).

The Journeys of Wisdom, an emotional healing coach certification program, was J.P.’s first foray into higher education. Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner accreditation from the Columbus-based Holistic Coaching Institute.


JP Sears has revealed some of the people who shaped him into today’s man.

The C.H.E.K. Institute was founded by Paul Chek, also J.P.’s first mentor. It wasn’t long until J.P. transitioned from student to instructor at the institute. He sought Paul’s advice on nutrition and fitness. However, he soon began to understand spirituality and emotional well-being better via Paul’s teachings. They grew pretty close over time.

John McMullin from Journeys of Wisdom was J.P.’s second guru. J.P. learned a lot from him about connecting with people more profoundly. He knew how to handle these issues to overcome suffering, trauma, self-sabotage, and self-imposed constraints.

JP Sears

JP Sears has also learned a great deal about himself via coaching and assisting others and these mentors.

What is the source of income for this YouTube star?

His first YouTube videos were sarcastic, and they quickly became viral. According to a recent interview, he says he made his initial films because he was overly concerned with his spirituality. He wasn’t allowing his genuine, amusing side to shine through in his daily activities. So, he decided to become viral with his films as an act of self-therapy. His business plan was handed to him when it went viral.

JP Sears says he avoids humor in one-on-one sessions with clients and instead focuses on vulnerability. JP Sears thinks it’s a terrific practice of non-attachment to learn to replace seriousness with a bit of fun. In addition, he discovered that using comedy to reach a larger audience was essential.

He’s gained a large following. Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed each of his videos (and several are in the millions)! His principal source of revenue is ad-optimized films, which he posts on YouTube. He’s also amassed a sizable Instagram following, which he expects to top one million shortly.

How to be Gluten Intolerant is one of his most popular videos, with more than 10 million views. There have been 12 million views on the JP Sears vegan film, “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans.”

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