Dredd 2: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Dredd 2

Dredd 2: It’s been a long time since the original Dredd was released, roughly 9 years, and since then, fans have been waiting for the second half of Dredd, dubbed ‘Dredd 2’. It is a science fiction film directed by Pete Travis and scored and produced by Alex Garland that was released in 2012.

This film is based on John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd and his namesake character.

In November 2010, the British studio ‘DNA Films’ released the film Dredd, which was shot entirely in 3D.

Additionally, filming for the picture took place on real sets and in locations throughout Cape Town and Johannesburg. Finally, Dredd debuted in the United Kingdom on September 7, 2012, and around the world on September 21, 2012.

Dredd 2

Will Dredd 2 Ever Happen? All You Need To Know

As a result, fans will be sad with this news, but Dredd 2 will not be produced. The first instalment of this film was released in 2012, and since then, fans have been waiting for Dredd 2 to be released. However, the film’s writer, Alex Garland, has stated that they would not be working on a prequel to the picture.

There’s also a quote from Karl Urban (as Judge Dredd), who stated that he couldn’t imagine anything better than making it, something he has stated several times.

He couldn’t tell whether or not that would happen. But he believes that the company who control the rights to Dredd, Rebellion, are working on something known as ‘Mega-City One,’ and that it would be nice to see more Dredd, whether it’s with him or not.

He is a huge Dredd fan, and there are so many wonderful stories in the series. He’d be delighted to see them. And he believes that someone will succeed one day. It’s only a question of time.

Karl Urban is really enthusiastic about his position as Judge Dredd, and he stated in his statement that he would be delighted if someone else took up the role and brought the character back to the big or small screen. The future of the Judge Dredd franchise is currently uncertain, since no official plans for a Dredd sequel have been announced.

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Fans have also been signing petitions to extend their support for Karl Urban so that the creators might begin work on Dredd 2 including Karl Urban, but there has been no word from them on whether or not they will work following this event.

In this sense, we should keep our fingers crossed and hope that by bringing Karl Urban back in Dredd 2, justice will be served to Judge Dredd’s character.

Other characters in the film include Olivia Thirlby, Wood Harris, and Lena Headey, in addition to Karl Urban.

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