Justin Bieber appears to be hinting that Hailey Baldwin is expecting a child.

Justin Bieber

Updates on Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber, everyone’s favourite singer, caused a stir on the internet when he shared images of himself and his wife with the caption “mom and dad.”

Fans are going insane.

Everyone went berserk as Justin Bieber uploaded a photo of himself and his wife Hailey Baldwin with the caption “mom and dad.” The joy of the fans has no boundaries. Is there a baby Bieber on the way? wrote someone.

The caption clearly said that the couple is expecting a child shortly. It gave everyone the impression that the baby would arrive shortly.

Mom and Dad had a different connotation.

Justin Bieber

Baldwin’s wife put an end to any rumours that had been circulating. She made it plain that Justin had made a blunder with his remark. It should, however, be Dog Mom and Dad. People must have begun thinking about something else, she added. Furthermore, the caption has already done a lot of harm.

The couple’s photo is breathtaking. They’re both dressed in beach attire and sitting together. Baldwin is wearing a bikini and Justin is wearing a patterned shirt and a trucker hat. Despite the fact that the caption drew all the attention. Fans began to speculate about the baby’s arrival. Hundreds of people commented on the infant.

Justin Bieber: The couple didn’t say much about the rumor

The Sun is a powerful force.

None of them came forward to comment on the baby’s ongoing suspicions. In September of 2018, the two tied the wedding. However, there had already been reports of Baldwin’s pregnancy.

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Bieber uploaded a photo of Baldwin visiting a gynaecological facility in 2019. They later added that it was all a joke on April Fools’ Day. Fans, on the other hand, continue to anticipate them to give such wonderful news soon.

Some others said that they can’t believe they’re having a baby. Some folks were taken aback. Some even speculated that Baldwin had claimed she didn’t want a kid right now. After the caption of Mom and Dad, a slew of others rushed in.

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