Justin Hakuta Net Worth: How Much Money Is Justin Hakuta Worth?

Justin Hakuta Net Worth: How Much Money Is Justin Hakuta Worth?


A businessman and entrepreneur by trade, Justin Hakuta is most known as the spouse of Ali Wong, Ali Wong’s well-known comedian. Libra is the zodiac sign he was born under on October 18, 1982. Although he was born in the United States, Justin may claim Japanese and Korean ancestry as part of his heritage.

Justin Hakuta Net Worth is Estimated at $2 million.

According to Forbes, the net worth of Justin Hakuta is somewhere around $2 million. Entrepreneurship and executive positions provide up the bulk of Ses’ income.

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Justin Hakuta Job Description

Justin Hakuta, the vice president of product at GoodRx, has also been elevated to the post of product manager at Cargomatic, Inc. 5’8″ Justin Hakuta weighs 65 pounds, and he is 5 feet 8 inches tall (approximately). Justin Hakuta is the son of Kenneth and MarilouHakuta, who were married in 2000.

Justin Hakuta’s Professional and Personal Career

Former GoodRx vice president Justin Hakuta is an entrepreneur and consultant who has worked on several projects worth millions of dollars. In February 2019, he stepped down as Vice President, Product.

His character in the film Dear Girls (out in October 2019) says why he resigned his job to spend more time with his family in the film’s “Afterword.”

As a fellow career-minded person, Justin is thrilled about her choices. Wong’s wife Ali has written a humorous book that pokes fun at me in many ways, the author says in a promotional film for Wong’s wife’s book.

In contrast to Justin, whose father has never shared Justin’s enthusiasm for what he does for a living, He learnt that persistence pays off in the long term by following his parents’ example of working hard to care for their children.

In 2014, Justin was named Vice President-Young Alumni by the Harvard Business School Association of Southern California (HBSASC). There were three years in which he remained in this post.

Cargomatic, Inc. employed him as a senior product manager in 2016. He graduated with honours with a degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix.

From April 2013 through July 2015, Justin led the DIRECTV Digital Innovation Lab, which includes engineers, designers, and user experience strategists.

After working at Avacara from January 2010 to April 2014, it looked as though his professional career had just begun. Health, wellness, and financial technology platforms were among the many responsibilities given to the group.

Infancy and the Family

Prior to Justin’s birth, his father Ken Hakuta worked for the World Bank, while his mother worked as a business consultant. Ken was born in 1951 in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up there. The Wacky WallWalker, an elastomer product he developed in the 1980s, helped him amass a substantial fortune. Sales of the spider-shaped toys totaled over 240 million units, generating close to $80 million in revenue. From 1988 through 1994, the Dr. Fad Show offered a range of children’s ideas to promote a feeling of creativity and resourcefulness in young people. ”

Justin Hakuta

Ken received the Philadelphia Inventor of the Year Award for his work arranging four Fad Fairs, a gathering of outlandish innovators. In addition to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Ken has been featured in several periodicals and talk shows.

In 1998, Ken launched AllHerb.com to supply the general public with herbal medicines and information. His idea was to make this firm the most legitimate supplier of herbal cures in order to distinguish it from the competitors. Sadly, this project was a failure, and it was shut down after just two years of operation.

There is little known about his mother, MarilouCantiller, other that she was the inventor’s wife for a period. After meeting while working at the World Bank, this pair married in 1997 in a private ceremony.

The couple’s first three children were named Justin, Kenzo, and Aki. In the year 2021, they will have been married for 44 years.

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