We have a new meal plan! Keto Lite: A safe and healthy meal plan for moms

We have a new meal plan! Keto Lite: A safe and healthy meal plan for moms

Keto Lite 1Our Happy Mommy community offers feedback about what they need to help them in their weight loss journey. We love our Healthy Mommy Community so we listen!

Many moms have asked us whether the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge could be made Keto-friendly. We listened! We just added Keto Lite to the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge. It is safe for moms!

The Keto Lite meal plans don’t get you into ketosis. It’s about macro splitting your meals each day. It’s higher in protein, healthy fats, and lower in carbs. I think you will love it. Not harsh but still effective.

The Healthy Mummy Keto Lite is Safe for Moms!

This Keto Lite: Safe For Moms meal plan was created.

Many moms are asking for a more keto-friendly meal plan.

It is difficult to follow a classic ketogenic diet. It is composed of 90% fat, 8% protein, and 2% carbohydrates. It’s used to treat medical conditions and has been shown to aid weight loss.

Many people who claim to follow a ketogenic diet eat a modified Atkins diet. The breakdown of this diet is closer to 65% fat, 30% protein, and 6% carbohydrates. This is a drastic difference from a traditional western diet that has 35% fat, 16% proteins and 49% carbohydrates.

What is The Healthy Mommy Keto Lite: Safe For Moms Meal Plan?

Our Nutritionist created The Healthy Mommy Keto Light: Safe for Moms meal plans. We chose recipes that were close to a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and moderate to high fat mix.

We allow a variety in each micro-nutrient to give moms more freedom in meal planning and provide a wider variety of family-friendly meals than a strict ketogenic diet.

We wanted each meal to be as close as possible to the range.

  • Carbohydrates 15%-30%
  • 40-70% Fat
  • Protein 15-30%

While some recipes may have higher carbs or more protein, the majority of recipes follow these guidelines.

Why is The Healthy Mama Keto Lite Safer for Moms than a Full Ketogenic Diet?

The Keto Lite Safe for Moms Plan is better for moms for a few reasons:

  • This allows you to eat with your whole family. The Healthy Mommy encourages a healthy eating style that promotes long-term health for all members of the family. It is not a strict diet for weight loss.
  • Our plans may support weight loss but the ultimate goal of being a Healthy Mommy to your family is to eat healthy, balanced meals!
  • It is not as restrictive as a strict ketogenic diet.
  • We’re not going into ketosis so there are no negative side effects such as “keto flu” or unbalanced thyroid hormones.

How can this meal plan be made family-friendly?

You may need to increase the amount of protein and carbs in this meal plan to make it suitable for all members of the family. You may also want to make small amounts of rice or quinoa, especially for those who eat mainly meat and vegetables.

What are the key differences between this and other The Healthy Mom meal plans.

The amount of fats used is one of the most noticeable differences. We want a higher percentage of the meals to come from good fats when following the Keto Lite: Safe For Moms plan.

We may use reduced-fat dairy products or other products to achieve this, and we may add more olive oil, avocado, or seeds. In some recipes, we might also include full-fat dairy and coconut cream.

What will this eating style do for your weight loss efforts?

You may feel fuller for longer if you eat more fats and proteins. Reduced intake of simple carbs and grains can be less irritating for your digestive system and improve insulin signalling. This can help reduce bloating.

It can help you lose weight by focusing on making your calories nutrient-dense and not overfilling it with refined carbs.

What should you know about this new meal plan?

Now you know why and how we created this new meal plan. But how can you access it? What does it actually consist of? And is it suitable for your family?

  • The Keto Lite Safe for Moms meal plan includes 4 weekly plans. These plans will be available in our app every Wednesday, just like all of our new meal plans.
  • You can access the new meal plan by simply using the drop-down menu in the app’s food section.
  • You can also choose the KetoLite: Safe for Moms plan if you are a new 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge participant and have completed the Base Metabolic Rate (BMR), calculation.
  • To help moms who aren’t sure about the plan, there will be an “info” icon located next to the name of the meal plan in the app.
  • All of the Keto Lite: Safe For Moms meal plans are family-friendly, just like all Healthy Mommy meals plans. Breastfeeding moms can also use it if they consume more calories than is recommended in our other meal plans.
  • Like all Healthy Mommy meal plan, the plans can be easily modified to increase carbohydrate intake for children and partners. Serve a meat-and-veget meal to the whole family with some rice, bread, or potatoes.
  • The Keto Lite Safe for Moms meal plan won’t be updated with each Challenge round. This means that you will continue to enjoy the same meals for the next few years. We will update the meal plans for each season, so they will be updated for January 2020 and every three months thereafter.

Join The Healthy Mommy Challenge to get access to this meal plan

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