Kevin Hart’s Most Adorable Family Photos

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has three children with ex-wife Torrei Hart: heiress Heaven and heir Hendrix, and son Kenzo and daughter Kaori with wife Eniko Hart.

Everything is in place.

Dad Kevin can’t believe his 16-year-old daughter Heaven is back on her bike and ready to go down the street.

Celebration of Father’s Day

On their father’s special day, Hendrix, 13, Kaori, 8 moons, Heaven, and Kenzo, 3, hugged him. On Father’s Day, the grateful father was told that his “degree of affection for these children is absolutely incomprehensible.”

Choose your point of view.

While Kevin and his son Hendrix are stretching out together, there will inevitably be a lot of laughter.

Harts Overseas

In June, the Hart kids connected in Budapest, and the images are stunning.

Face Time Laughs

Who will be able to hold Ori and her plump cheeks?

“Cabbage Pack” is a collection of cabbages. Cutie

Hart’s emotion — and entertaining bone — has been caught by Daddy’s young daughter.

Weekend with the Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

On Christmas Day, the six lovely ladies wore the same nightgowns.

Kenzo is the King of Japan.

Baby Zo enjoys using FaceTime to communicate with his father.

Moments from Mother’s Day

Mom Eniko spent a long time on a fantasy tour with her husband and children.

The Fantastic Four

With four of mom’s “Hartbeats” extending out at the house, there’s never a dull moment at the Hart household.

Mom’s Compassion

On Mother’s Day, Eniko shared adorable photos of herself sitting with her youngest children, expressing her love for all parents out there.

A Baby is on the Way

Mom Eniko announced her next pregnancy in a loving post addressed to “OH BABY, it’s a tiny lady” before Kaori arrived.
“Our tiny group is growing, and we’re starting to feel whole,” she added. “The small ones will be moving and bossing us all about in no time.” Lol!”

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