Kurtis Blow Net Worth 2022: A Look Into Rapper Personal Life and Career Life.

Kurtis Blow


Kurtis Blow is a multi-millionaire American rapper and record producer. First wealthy rapper, creator of the rap music video, and actor in a soap opera, all of these distinctions belong to him. The Blow was the first rapper to secure a significant record deal with a record company. With his pioneering work in the genre, he set the stage for other rappers to follow suit.

After releasing his debut Mercury Records album “The Breaks” in 1980, Kurtis became a commercial hit. “The Breaks” was the first rap song to be certified gold, and it appeared on this album. In the end, he put out 15 albums. The Blow was a b-boy, DJ, composer, public speaker, clergyman, and rapping. He now devotes most of his time to his work as a preacher.

The Museum of Hip Hop Culture and Art

When the Universal Hip Hop Museum opens its doors in 2023, Kurtis Blow will be one of its co-founders. According to Kurtis, the exhibit will incorporate “holograms, avatars, and virtual reality,” according to Kurtis. New York has awarded a grant of $3.5 million to the museum.

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As a child: Kurtis Blow

On August 9th, 1959, Kurtis Walker was born in New York City. After graduating from high school in Harlem, Kurtis attended CCNY and Nyack College. While attending these post-secondary colleges, Walker studied communications, filmmaking, and theological studies.

In 1979, at the age of 20, Walker took on the stage name Kurtis Blow and began his rapping career. After signing with Mercury Records, Blow’s debut single, “Christmas Rappin,” was shortly published. One of the first commercially successful hip hop songs immediately sold over 400,000 copies and became a Christmas standard. After that, he launched his debut album, “The Breaks,” which went platinum. More than half a million copies were sold of this album’s title tune.

Kurtis Blow released ten additional albums in the following 11 years. A more pop-oriented CD named “Deuce” was also included in this collection. The album “Party Time,” a combination of rap and go-go, was also noteworthy. He achieved notoriety for his work on the video for the song “America” in 1985. The song “If I Ruled the World” was on the album and reached the R&B chart. In 1996, Nas recorded a cover of this song that went double platinum.

Kurtis Blow

By 1983, he shifted his focus to film and television production. After working with Run DMC and The Fat Boys, he went on to work with Russell Simmons, Wyclef Jean, and Full Force as a producer. He also tried his hand at acting, starring in films like “Krush Groove,” which he co-wrote. He has worked on several movies and documentaries, including “Slippin, Ten Years with the Bloods,” for which he received high appreciation. Netflix series “The Get Down” is one of his other projects.

Kurtis Blow became a born-again Christian in 1994, and he has been actively involved in the Christian religion ever since. He started the Hip Hop Church in Harlem, where he currently leads worship and holds a ministerial license.

Concerns about the health of the population

Reports in 2020 stated that Kurtis Blow had recovered from a heart transplant procedure and was on the road to recovery. In Los Angeles, the operation was done. He had a heart attack in 2016 and was saved by four police officers who spotted him slumping outside a mall and acted quickly. Another cardiac concern arose in 2019 when Kurtis was reported to have undergone aortic artery surgery. Unfortunately, a problem developed while healing, necessitating an immediate second operation.

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