Laine Hardy: If He Has a Billion-Dollar Net Worth By 2022, Why Was he Arrested?

Laine Hardy


Leah Cox How much money you’ll have in 2022: Laine Hardy is an American singer from Livingston, Louisiana, who won American Idol Season 17 in 2013.

Childhood and Adolescence

Livingston, Louisiana, is where Hardy was raised after being born in Baton Rouge on September 12, 2000.

Cindy Lou is a real estate agent, and her husband is a general contractor for a building firm. Both Kyle Banta’s older sister and younger brother are his cousins.

An immigrant from Seoul, South Korea, is his maternal grandmother. Frances Settlement High School’s 2018 graduation was his last.

At the age of eight, he began playing guitar, and by fourteen, he and his brother and cousins were performing as the Band Hardy at local bars and restaurants. His brother encouraged him to sing even though he refused to do so.

The Career of Laine Hardy

Since he was a youngster, Laine Hardy has been fascinated with music and singing. It all began when a shopkeeper taught him to play the guitar when he was just seven years old.

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In 2016, he and his brother Kyle and cousins and friends formed their band. Previously, they would perform at coffeehouses and restaurants. The Band Hardy” was the moniker given to his band.

When Hardy attempted to become the sixteenth American hero in 2018 (by The Band of Heathens), he made it to the last round. However, he was ousted since he was unable to qualify. She returned to American Idol in season 17 as a judge. However, she was not a contestant. He’d come to help a pal out.

He was asked to sing again after his earlier performance wowed the judges. The Hollywood round was reserved for him because he exceeded his previous version by a wide margin. He continued to impress the panel of judges at the next auditions, and he eventually made it to the final five.

I Don’t Need a Doctor” and “Johnny B. Goode” were two of the songs he sang (Chuck Berry). He shot to stardom as soon as he qualified for the 17th season. In May of this year, he released “Flame,” his inauguration song. It was also performed on American Idol in April 2020.

How Much Is Laine Hardy Worth?

The estimated net worth of Laine Hardy is $1.5 million. His principal source of income comes from his singing career. On American Idol, he’s one of the wealthiest candidates by far. On the other hand, Hardy has enjoyed a lavish lifestyle and a fleet of high-end cars thanks to his successful job.

As a result of Laine Hardy’s work,

Laine Hardy

As a well-known singer with a large following on social media, Laine Hardy makes a good living off of her talent. His social media accounts show that he is well-liked and well-paid, with 584K Instagram followers and 164K YouTube subscribers.

Laine built a substantial wealth through his singing career at a very early age. To yet, he has been mum about his daily salary.

Exactly how much money he makes in a month is not known. However, he has made between $591 and $1688 in the previous 30 days through his YouTube channel.

A Year’s Salary for Laine Hardy

He is a well-known vocalist who makes a good living from his work. He makes more than $13,472 a year from YouTube alone. Each time he uploads a video to YouTube, he is paid $753. To understand these figures, it’s vital to consider that they are just estimations.

The Arrest of Laine Hardy

When he was accused of bugging his ex-room girlfriend at Louisiana State University with an electronic recording device, Hardy was arrested and taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in 2022.

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