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Everyone wants a healthy, pain-free lifestyle that allows them to enjoy life. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Unfortunately, many health problems and illnesses in our society have made it impossible to live a healthy life. CBD oil was once considered the best way to live a healthy lifestyle. But, the low-quality CBD solutions and scams have led to a decline in quality CBD oils. Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil was created to address this problem. It contains all the CBD extracts. This review will give you the details of the solution and let you know how it supports a healthy lifestyle.

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Who are Lazarus Naturals and What Are They?

Are you looking for new brands of CBD products? We found one that is all-natural and delivers a high-quality product. The brand was founded by Sequoia Price-Lazarus in 2014. He wanted to make CBD of high quality and affordable price for everyone.

He created the Assistance Program to guarantee that veterans, long-term disabled individuals, and low-income households receive a lifetime discount of 60%. CBD tinctures already have a great price, so this huge reduction is a tremendous benefit to anyone who uses it.

Lazarus Naturals

This brand was the first to specialize in cannabinoid extraction within the cannabis industry. Lazarus Naturals has been perfecting CBD isolation since then. It also offers full-spectrum products that can be used in conjunction with its THC-free product line.

Lazarus Naturals’ website provides a lot of information about the brand and the people who run it. This contrasts with many CBD companies who seem to operate in the dark. The hemp used in the company’s products is organically grown in Oregon and free of pesticides or GMOs.

Its farms account for a large portion of the hemp it uses. Rest of the hemp is grown locally by Oregon farmers. Many products can be made vegan. Its manufacturing facilities comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Each box is packed with biodegradable or recycled materials.

Lazarus Naturals products undergo both in-house testing and third-party lab testing. A complete list of test results can be viewed on each product page. Most certificates of analysis (COAs), have been updated in recent years. Columbia Laboratories conducts the tests.

This review will focus on the brand’s CBD capsules, isolates, and tinctures. It also includes a brief overview about its other products.

CBD is a popular choice for anxiety relief.

Did you know that anxiety disorders are one of the most prevalent mental illnesses affecting adults?

According to a 2017 World Health Organization report, nearly 264 million people suffer from anxiety, ranging from panic disorder and social anxiety, to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

There are many types of anxiety. CBD can help you to reduce your symptoms naturally and feel more “you” again.

Conventional Medicines Aren’t Cut It

It is not unusual for people with anxiety disorders to also have depression. Several prescription drugs have been developed by pharmaceutical companies to treat these conditions.

However, many of these prescription medications are intended for short-term use. They can also be addictive. 30% overdoses involving opioids were caused by benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax.

These medications can also have dangerous side effects such as memory impairment, severe low bloodpressure, and depression.

These prescriptions remain the most popular choice among commercial healthcare providers for managing anxiety and depression, despite these risks. What if there were a better way?

Lazarus Naturals CBD Review

Inclusions in the Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil formulation:

This CBD oil is clinically proven to provide instant relief. It also contains the right amount of CBD to help with recovery. It contains the entire spectrum of hemp extracts without THC or high, which makes it completely safe and free from side effects.

Cannabidiol – This extract is non-psychoactive, and has been shown to have therapeutic benefits. It is used to treat chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and other conditions.


While we prefer full-spectrum, there are certain advantages to using a CBD oil tincture that is made from an isolate.

CBD isolates have 0% THC, which is the main advantage. This means that even those who have been drug tested for THC, or aren’t willing to take small amounts of the psychoactive compound, can still find a product that suits their needs. Some people prefer CBD-only products for consistency reasons.

This tincture is therefore a viable alternative for those who want to get CBD without the use of THC.

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User reviews

You can review all products that are available online at Lazarus Naturals. Potential customers can review reviews and publish them. These testimonials are available on the company website:

* * “Will” starts his review by thanking Lazarus Naturals, who gave him a discount as a veteran. He said that the customer service was outstanding. “Your Tropical Breeze tincture was simply amazing, I must say that I am very impressed with how much pain relief I have experienced in my muscles and joints since I only used O an ml for 15 minutes.”

* Jessica reports that CBD High Potency Tinctures has “cut my pain by at least 80%” and that it has also helped her sleep better at night.

*Kalee explains how CBD capsules saved her life. “I have severe anxiety and cannot leave my home. Using this product for just a few days has reduced my anxiety to almost zero.”

* Cindy Traylor reviewed CBD Coconut Oil. “I have suffered from Achilles Tendinitis since about 15 years.” It is painless if you rub it on your heel or ankle.

Lazarus Naturals Products Prices:

Lazarus Naturals products have generally low prices compared to market norms. Below are the price ranges of different products.

40% Discount to veterans, low-income earners and people with disabilities. – Lazarus Naturals products already very affordable. We have reduced the price by 40% to make them more accessible for all. Lazarus Naturals Products Highlights and Features

Lazarus Naturals CBD Deal

  • Employee-owned, employee-run: – This model encourages employees to feel obliged to improve the company’s image and maintain high standards.
  • High potency products – The standard CBD product potency is 25 mg per serve. Lazarus can provide up to 100mg per serve, which is convenient for those who need such high doses.
  • Ethanol extraction: – Some may view the use of ethanol, and not CO2 extraction, as a risk factor. Because CO2 does not use solvents, it is unlikely that it will contain toxins. All these concerns can be dispelled by the fact all products have been third-party tested and that no batch of any product can be released onto the market if it contains toxic substances.

Where can I buy Lazarus Naturals products?

Lazarus Naturals products can be purchased online through the company’s website or other authorized online retailers. The company allows customers to shop in their stores. Customers can also shop in approved stores. These stores are located on the Lazarus Naturals site.


  • Employee-owned
  • 70% of hemp is grown in farms
  • Shipping Free for 3 Days

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  • Good customer service
  • They offer a wide range of products.
  • Great assistance program available to eligible customers
  • Transparency about laboratory results and the process
  • The ethanol-extraction process produces more plant lipids, chlorophyll, and other natural compounds that can prove to be of benefit to the consumer. This is what we call the “entourage impact.”
  • cGMP regulations are in place to protect you.


  • Balm is very slippery after being opened. You might want to consider other packaging.
  • It doesn’t use the CO2 extraction method which produces extremely pure extract. They do however test for residual solvents. The process produces extract with additional plant oils and chlorophyll.
  • Refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis. There is no money back guarantee.

Lazarus Naturals CBD isolate Tinctures: Whom Should It Be Used?

People who need CBD oil with no THC will love this CBD isolate oil. Isolates may appeal to some people because they must pass drug tests. Others may be sensitive to THC. Some people prefer CBD isolates as they are able to know exactly what they’re getting, and they also prefer consistency across products.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Range

The Bottom Line!

Lazarus Naturals enjoys a strong online reputation. There is a lot of positive feedback and information about their products and company on online forums. You will find something to suit your needs, whether you are a first or seasoned user of CBD. You can choose from a variety of topicals, capsules or topicals as well as RSO (better known under Rick Simpson Oil), isolates, and pet products. Lazarus Naturals sources all of their hemp from Oregon. This is a region that has been proven to be ideal for hemp cultivation. Because of its mild climate and humid environment, it is the third-largest hemp-growing area in the United States.

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While CO2 extraction is the most popular method of extraction, Lazarus Naturals uses kosher alcohol in their extraction process. This is a less expensive process that can leave some solvent behind in your CBD extract. This may be a problem for some, as it can sometimes produce CBD extract that is less pure. Lazarus Naturals publishes almost all of their test results and is very transparent about them. The presence of residual solvents or impurities in the extract can be detected by residue solvent testing. We can’t fault Lazarus Naturals for using this extraction method. They go to great lengths in cleaning their extract from any trace amounts solvents. This company seems to be the only one that uses this method to successfully produce clean CBD. They are able to sell their products at a reasonable price because ethanol-extraction is often cheaper.

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