Lis Nas X Discloses What He Is Looking For in a Partner

Lis Nas X

Lis Nas X Update: Lil Nas X, the popular American rapper of the time, is still unmarried, but he knows exactly what type of relationship he wants. Lil Nas said in a recent interview with ET that he’s looking forward to finding someone that is exciting and ready to do something different for him every year.

Lis Nas also stated that he desires a companion that is willing to explore new things. Lil Nas also mentioned that he is currently single and uninterested in dating anyone. Lis Nas also revealed that he was dating his co-star Yai Ariza, who just collaborated with him on the song “What I Want.”

Lis Nas also hinted at the possibility of reconciliation in the future, adding that he and his ex-girlfriend remained on excellent terms. Lil Nas wears a Thom Browne outfit.

An enormous cardigan overcoat was worn as part of the outfit. A pleated skirt was also incorporated in the outfit. Lil Nas also had a leather purse with the moniker Luna that was designed like a dog.Lis Nas X

What Singer/Rapper Lis Nas X Shared?

The musician said to ET that he enjoys spending his money on himself. However, he noted that he feels much better when he assists someone with money who otherwise would not have been able to buy it. He also stated that when he shares something and is able to return it to his loved ones, he feels better.

He also mentioned that he would like to visit his hometown in Georgia, in addition to his ideas on a spouse and spending. His hometown is Lithia Springs, Georgia, where he grew up with his family.

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While discussing his desire to return to his homeland, Lil Nas also expressed his delight at his family’s interest in music. As he stated, his family was becoming more interested in music, and they also like his music as much as he does.

He also stated that his family was alright with his music a year ago, but that they are now really thrilled for him. He also mentioned how proud his family is of him. The artist seemed to be in fantastic health, and he appeared to be quite pleased and energetic with the press surrounding him as he got a special award from the Wall Street Journal.

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