Lisa Frank Net Worth 2022: Are You Curious About Her Real Wealth?

Lisa Frank


Businesswoman Lisa Frank, age 67, hails from the United States. Lisa Frank founded Lisa Frank Incorporated. Lisa Frank Incorporated, the company she founded, creates cartoonish commercial designs for children’s items, including school supplies and other necessities. Neo-bright colors, rainbows, and a variety of creatures, including unicorns, dolphins, and pandas, are all common elements in the commercial work of Lisa. According to estimates, Lisa Frank’s net worth is expected to reach $200 million by 2022.


In Lansing, Michigan, Lisbeth Saarinen Frank was born on April 21, 1955, in the United States. Her first exposure to art was through her father, a well-known art collector. Many famous Pop Art painters, like Peter Max, were introduced to her by her father.

The Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan is where she attended high school. When she was in her sophomore and junior years of college, she came up with the moniker “Sticky Fingers” for her line of plastic jewelry. The following year, she enrolled at the University of Arizona, where she pursued a career in the arts.

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Lisa Frank’s Earnings and Success

Fun characters and brightly colored fruits make up most of the jewelry collection. Betty Boop and other cartoon characters were also included in her designs. Later, she created the first collection of colorful stickers with aid from her original jewelry brand. Lisa Frank Incorporated, a private non-profit organization, was established by her in 1979. She started the business at the age of 24.

Artwork using vivid hues, rainbows, and stylized images of animals like unicorns, pandas, and dolphins helped the brand get new customers. Toys, stickers, lunch boxes, and Trapper Keepers were among the most popular school supplies for females of all ages in the 1980s and 1990s.

Lisa Frank

Lily and Reebok collaborated to develop a limited number of leather-soled Reebok Classics in 2017. Similarly, she created the logo for John Mayer’s “Current Mood” Instagram TV series. Also, in 2020, Morphe and Frank will offer Morphe X Frank a line of cosmetics brushes, athletes, and sponges that will be available in three different limited editions each.

Intimate Contexts

Lisa Frank was married to James A. Green, who served as Lisa Frank Incorporated’s CEO and President from 1990 until his death in October 2005. In 1994, she married Green, a year after they met. Hunter and Forest are the names of their two boys.

Lisa filed for divorce from James in September 2005; she sued him to have her fired from her firm. Court agreed to give Lisa complete control of the corporation when James resigned in October 2005.

Net Worth of Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank’s worth is expected to hit $200 million by 2022. She has gathered a colossal amount from running her company, Lisa Frank Incorporated, successfully for over four decades. During her divorce from Green, the firm is said to have produced $1 billion in sales.

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