Loki Episode 4: Tom Hiddleston teased that It will take a whole new turn.

Loki Episode 4

Loki Episode 4: Loki is halfway through its first season on Disney+, and Tom Hiddleston indicated that the upcoming episode would take the Marvel drama in a new path for the last two episodes.

On June 23, the six-episode series reached its halfway point. Loki Episode 4 will take the series in a totally new path, according to Tom Hiddleston. Loki settled into his new post at the Time Variance Authority in the first two episodes of the series. He is seen assisting the TVA in their pursuit of a Loki Variant intent on altering the Sacred Timeline. Things have taken a turn towards the end of episode 3, and the story’s future appears to be highly unexpected.

The Variant Loki was revealed to be Lady Loki at the conclusion of episode 2, who escaped through a time portal after being detected. Loki is intrigued by this, and he decides to pursue her through the time vortex. Loki and Lady Loki, whose true name is revealed to be Sylvie, have journeyed to the moon Laminitis-1 in episode 3. Laminitis-1 does not prove to be the ideal location for them because it is on the verge of collapse, and Loki and Sylvie are soon running out of alternatives.

Tom Hiddleston Teased that Loki Episode 4 will go in an Entirely Different Direction

Loki Episode 4

The route out for Loki and Sylvie is destroyed by a meteor at the end of the episode, and the scene fades to black without explaining how the two will get out of this dilemma. The plot appears to be at a stalemate, and future episodes are uncertain and might take any direction. The possibilities, according to Loki’s teaser, are boundless.

Tom Hiddleston claimed in an interview with BBC Radio’s Ali Plumb that the fourth episode will take the series in a new direction. He stated that the adventure that began in Loki Episode 4 will conclude in episode 5. He warned viewers that the next three episodes will be a roller coaster journey. He teased that something will happen that you wouldn’t expect.

Despite Hiddleston’s comments, the narrative for Loki’s last three episodes remains uncertain and a mystery. Although, now that Sylvie has disclosed that the TVA is not what it appears to be, it is certain that Loki will return to meet the Timekeepers at some time since he is likely to have some questions.

Loki Episode 4: Another unknown is whether or not the queries will be addressed. Because of the disruption to the Sacred Timeline, the events in Loki will undoubtedly have an impact on the MCU in the future. It’s unclear how everything will be resolved in the remaining three episodes, but based on Tom Hiddleston’s comments, it should be a spectacular ending.

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