MacGyver: Where To Stream Seasons Online? Is It On Netflix, Prime, HBO or Others?

MacGyver: Where To Stream Seasons Online? Is It On Netflix, Prime, HBO or Others?


The action-adventure series, MacGyver, reimagines the classic 1985 series, bringing the famous titular character back to the screens again. The 2016 reboot brings back the eponymous character in his 20-something age to fight against evil forces and save lives. The series made its premiere on September 23, 2016, and has five seasons altogether to date.

It completed its run on April 30, 2021, with a total of 94 episodes. The series is based on Lee David Zlotoff’s MacGyver and is developed by Peter M. Lenkov. If you want to catch young in action, here’s what you must know.

Where can You Stream MacGyver Online?

The reboot version of MacGyver made its original premiere on ABC. All of the five seasons of the concerned series are currently streaming on Paramount+. However, the series is not available for watching on the streaming giant Netflix. While previously, CBS did licence Netflix in the US, it does not happen nowadays.

ViacomCBS is putting its efforts into its own platform; hence, Paramount+ now carries the banner. You can also choose to rent or purchase the series on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video. It is also available for streaming for free on CBS.

Who is in the Cast of MacGyver?

MacGyver Season 5

In the titular role of MacGyver, the series cast Lucas Till. He is joined by Tristin Mays, who plays the role of Riley Davis. In the first three seasons of the series, the character of Jack Dalton is played by George Eads. Justin Hires and Matty play Wilt Bozer by Meredith Eaton. Patricia Thornton, who appears in season one, is played by Sandrine Holt and the recurring role of Desiree Nguyen by Levy Tran. Henry Ian Cusack plays Russell Taylor.

What is the Plot About?

“Mac” MacGyver, who is in his 20-something, is involved in creating a clandestine organization in the US government. He builds the Department of External Services, and here he applies his various abilities to solve the issues as they arise. He is a young war hero, bearing the ability to solve unconventionally mysterious and tricky issues. He also has a scientifically strong forbearing, which he uses to save lives.

Putting these skills to use, he intelligently solves high-risk cases while working for this clandestine organization. Jack Dalton, who was previously a CIA agent, works with MacGyver to prevent disasters that can otherwise put the safety of people and the world at stake.

Should You Stream or Skip MacGyver?

The action-adventure series MacGyver has everything to keep you at the edge of your seats. From a strong plotline to powerful acting and intense character development, MacGyver keeps the premise on to get you thoroughly interested. There are nail-biting moments, with general doses of comedy.

Moreover, it revives the classic 1980s series; hence a hint of nostalgia runs across the series. Hence, you should definitely give it a try. The five seasons of MacGyver are available for streaming on Paramount+, with a running time of approximately 43 minutes each for the episodes.

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