Mary Fitzgerald of Sunset: Who Is She Dating?

Mary Fitzgerald of Sunset: Who Is She Dating?


Mary Fitzgerald, who starred in the film Selling Sunset, plays one of the real estate agents. The fourth season focuses on the private lives and relationships of real estate brokers. Mary married Romain Bonnet towards the end of the second season and announced the death of her previous spouse. She does get the opportunity to work on some genuinely fantastic projects. Mary Fitzgerald is 41 years old and was born in the United States.

Mary is an American who has moved frequently throughout her career. She went to Ball State University in Indiana before moving to New York and London for work. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

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Who is Mary Fitzgerald Dating right now?

Distance, it is believed, makes the heart feel full. Mary Fitzgerald is dating Romain Bonnet. Mary and Romain had a legal union a few months before the series began filming in June of 2018, but they kept it a secret from their families and friends because they were still unsure if their relationship would lead to a successful run.

Concerning Their Relationship

Mary discussed how she and her husband Romain keep their romance going after almost three years of marriage. According to Mary, the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t put the couple’s relationship to the test. According to the real estate agent, she has been working from home full-time recently while her husband works as a project manager on the job.

She has been staying at home, attempting to be as safe as possible, while Bonnet works on several projects every day. On the other hand, the couple has gained by missing each other, she added. Fitzgerald thinks their happy marriage is due to their long apart.

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Who Mary Fitzgerald has previously Dated?

Mary revealed the death of her first spouse in an interview. At the end of the second season of Selling Sunset, Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet married in a magnificent ceremony. Her son, Austin Babbitt, walked her down the aisle at the wedding. Austin is her ex-child, husband’s and Romain is only a few years her senior.

In the third season, she investigates the repercussions between ex-partners. Before marrying Romain, she had been married twice, the first of whom she revealed had died in season one. My first husband died, and my second husband wasn’t the proper fit for me. It wasn’t the right link to make.

What Caused Mary Fitzgerald Husband’s Death?

Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald is for sale, according to US Weekly.

Mary maintains a low profile on social media, and her son keeps his personal life private. The actress has never revealed what happened to her first spouse, despite the fact that she was just 39 years old when he died.

She claimed that she fell pregnant right after sleeping. She claimed that she had him when she was 16 years old, and that she has been a single mother ever since. We know very little about her prior life, and she keeps it secret as well.