MasterChef Junior Season 8: Everything you need to know

MasterChef Junior Season 8

MasterChef Junior Season 8 Update: Over the course of seven episodes, MasterChef Junior has demonstrated how clever children can be in the kitchen, frequently shocking adults with their inventiveness.

Season 8 is nearly here, and a new team of chefs will have their chance to shine in MasterChef Junior’s kitchen once more, this time under the direction of co-host and judge Gordon Ramsay. Here’s everything we know about Masterchef Season 8 so far.

MasterChef Junior Season 8

MasterChef Junior Season 8 was taped and was supposed to air this autumn after episodes of Masked Singer, but FOX cut it off the schedule for whatever reason. It is currently in limbo, with an expected launch date of 2021. By the beginning of 2021, hopefully.

Originally, MasterChef Junior was set to air on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET / PT; however, everything has been stated to alter except the release date.

MasterChef Junior Season 8: Update

This season, the Masterchef veteran will return.

Sánchez, Aarón

Sánchez, an award-winning chef, TV personality, cookbook author, and philanthropist, felt the same way.

Daphne Oz is a well-known actress.

This season, they’ll have a new judge, Daphne Oz.

The most significant change in Season 8 is the replacement of Christina Tosi with Daphne Oz, a former member of the Chew crew.

This season, participants will take the programme off the road, cooking on both racing tracks and motocross circuits, according to the variety. Tilly Ramsay, Ramsay’s daughter, will also come as a guest. It’s time for a special doughnut competition.

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Dr. Mehmet Oz’s daughter, Oz, has made a name for herself as a TV host, chef, and best-selling book. He was one of the show’s leaders for six seasons on ABC’s The Chew, and he now hosts The Dish on Oz on The Doctor Oz Show. TODAY, Rachael Ray, and Beat Bobby Flay are among his most frequent TV appearances. Oz is also the mother of four and the New York Times bestselling author of Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun.

Contestants are yet to be revealed, but if Season 7 is anything to go by, Ramsay will unveil 24 aprons.

The MasterChef Junior Season 8 reward has yet to be revealed, however the MasterChef Junior Trophy and $ 100,000 are generally awarded. However, owing to the contestants’ age, the money is normally put in a safe account, and they do not have access to the winnings until they reach 18.

The MasterChef Junior kitchen set is located in the San Fernando Valley studio region in California.

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